World Of Warcraft Classic Suffers DDoS Attack During Burning Crusade Launch

World Of Warcraft Classic was hit by a disruptive DDoS attack during the launch of the highly anticipated Burning Crusade expansion.

When launching the new Burning Crusade expansion, World of Warcraft Classic has been affected by a DDoS attack which may interrupt service for gamers. The expansion has been a much anticipated addition to WoW Classic for a while; nostalgic fans can’t wait to relive their old-fashioned adventures of World of warcraft. Some fans were also eagerly awaiting the increased difficulty that Burning Crusade will likely bring, including the addition of new heroic dungeons and a significant change in the game’s meta regarding global buffs.

An exciting factor of Burning Crusade has been the developers’ philosophy to make “some changes” to the experience, setting it apart from its 2007 release. This contrasts sharply with the “No Change” philosophy of World of Warcraft Classic itself, which aimed to deliver an experience as close as possible to the original MMORPG in order to maximize nostalgia. Unfortunately, modern gaming sensibilities and more readily available knowledge made the game a lot easier than fans remembered from its initial launch, which disappointed some players who wanted a more intimidating trip down memory lane. Blizzard’s more open design philosophy for Burning Crusade is likely to make the experience more interesting and difficult.

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Unfortunately, some fans may have to wait a bit longer to see what these changes are. Blizzard announced via the Warcraft Developers Twitter account indicating that the game has been affected by a DDoS attack. The team warned that this attack could result in higher latency and disconnections for players trying to take advantage of the new expansion. The team have promised that they are actively working to resolve the issue, but at the time of writing, no new information has been released.

DDoS attacks occur when a person tries to disrupt an online service by flooding it with unnecessary requests and tasks. They are unfortunately common in the online gaming environment; in march, an upset fan pulled off one on Little big planetonline servers. The increase in traffic that usually follows a major release like Burning Crusade probably does not help WowThe servers run more smoothly and will most likely cause increased difficulties for the players.

Hopefully Blizzard can quickly fix these issues and provide their fans with the vintage. World of warcraft the experience they were waiting for. The gaming community is teeming with cheaters and hackers, constantly looking for ways to make the gaming experience worse for everyone. For each of those unsavory characters who are apprehended, others are lurking in the shadows, waiting for their chance. It remains to be seen how quickly Blizzard will purge them of World of warcraft.

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World of Warcraft Classic is now available for PC.

Source: WarcraftDevs

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