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You may have heard of the CIA training video recently in which an employee claims space to “intoxicate people with my effort, my shine.” She insists you know she’s an intersectional, cisgender colored millennial with anxiety issues – but she’s not ticking the boxes.

Good news for our enemies: it seems that we are no longer a serious country.

Bad news for Americans, however. Not only because our “intelligence” service has been reduced to using such an “educational” tool, but because even worse forays from the critical race and “justice” theory are infiltrating businesses near you.

Coca-Cola was recently arrested for including in its mandatory employee training an endorsement of materials created by Robin Diangelo, author of “White Fragility. “ Training materials described “whiteness” as inherently bad and urged employees to “try to be less white”. They also defined the “defensive nature” of being called a racist who has to kneel down and make amends as an unacceptable archetypal whiteness.

At Coca-Cola’s annual meeting of shareholders, the CEO of the company apologized for any “confusion” caused by the approval and asserted that “we would never ask employees to be less themselves. “. Great, but given Coke’s penchant for employee training, how about training for managers: all racism is racism, even against whites? Imagine the response if Coke had “innocently” linked material that negatively defined blacks or Hispanics and asked them to humbly reform themselves.

No, wait, you can’t. The fury in response would have burned so hot that it would have ended this entire timeline like the Death Star ended Alderaan.

Then there’s Goodyear, of all companies, who ran an employee training last summer in which the trainer explained that ‘black lives matter or LGBTQ pride’ clothing was good, but ‘everything , blues [or] white lives matter ”the equipment deserves to be pulled. The CEO of Goodyear first concealed, then backed down. But the initial policy was the same as with Coke: incredible racism, just with a different focus than half a century ago.

I wish there weren’t many, many more examples of employer mischief. Gina Carano was fired by Disney for suggesting the cancellation culture could lead down the ugly path to the Third Reich, while her colleague Pedro Pascal remains employed after comparing Trump’s America directly to Nazi Germany.

A Virginia police officer has been fired for giving $ 25 to Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who defended himself from BLM attackers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Layoffs for donations to BLM or Antifa have not been reported.) Another police officer was dismissed as a spokesperson after false claims he sympathized with the white man who shot several salons Asian massage. The shootings were immediately described as establishing a widespread culture of “white supremacy,” which was shocking for a few weeks until commentators raised the bar, claiming that a series of attacks by blacks against Asians was also proof of white racism and “white supremacy”. You know you are on a murderous theory when absolutely all the results prove its truth. Nothing fishy there.

Of course, such a heavy theory will end up crushing anything in its path, including its former supporters. This lesson came home for uber awakened “Teen Vogue”, where a newly appointed editor was fired for old “racist” tweets, only for the colleague who had set up the cancellation group only to find herself being hunted down for. his own old “racist”. »Tweets. The New York Times backed down harder, however, getting rid of a reliable leftist reporter for objectively using the “n-word” in a conversation about that very word.

The critical theory of race and awakened justice is a cancer that will lead to deep and explicit discrimination in every workplace, school, and public square decision unless we shut it down immediately.

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