Wish list of future opponents for Georgia football

The looming 12-team playoffs will change the way every power-five team approaches planning. Calendar strength will become a bigger issue as teams hope a power-five quality wins will secure them one of the last places in the playoffs.

Georgia Football is a program that was already leading the charge in strengthening schedules. The Bulldogs have made deals to play at eight different power schools over the next 13 seasons, including six games with the Clemson Tigers.

As a college football fan, this new planning philosophy is a dream come true. For years, matches between top varsity football programs have been kept for bowl season and site-neutral “kick-off” matches. Now Georgia has home playoffs with Ohio State, Oklahoma and Texas on the horizon.

As these types of games become a necessity, you can count on Georgia to add even more enemies of the power five to its future programs. Here is a short wishlist of schools this fan would love to see Georgia host and travel to in the future.

USC Trojans

Georgia is heading back to Los Angeles to play at UCLA in 2025, and no disrespect for the Bruins, but they’re not the LA school that most Georgia fans have on their wishlists.

Southern California is one of the most successful programs in college football history with 11 national championships and 852 all-time wins. Six Heisman Trophy winners and 82 Consensus All-Americans sported USC’s colors.

USC also has a stadium worthy of such a prestigious program. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has been around for almost 100 years. It has hosted numerous NFL franchises and two Super Bowls, including the first NFL Championship game against AFL. The Los Angeles Dodgers made the stadium their home from 1958 to 1961 and won the World Series in 1959. The stadium even hosted Olympic events in 1932 and 1984.

Georgia have played three times against USC at LA Memorial (1931, 1933 and 1960) and the Trojans have won each time. But the Trojans haven’t hosted the Bulldogs in 61 years, and they never made it to Athens to play between the hurdles.


Michigan Wolverine

Ever since Georgia upset Michigan in “The Big House” in 1965, older Michigan fans have demanded that Michigan travel to Athens to try to recoup his victory “between the hurdles”. 56 years later, the Wolverines still have not responded. Perhaps a nationwide change in the philosophy of the schedules will change that.

Of course, Georgia will return the favor when they visit Ann Arbor. This will not be a problem for the Bulldog Nation. As evidenced by the 2017 trip to Notre Dame, Georgia fans love to travel and take to historic college football stadiums.

Few stadiums in the world are as grand and magnificent as Michigan Stadium. It is a simplistic one-story stadium that can accommodate over 100,000 people. When you look in the stands all you see is a sea of ​​people. No dashboards, suites or concrete interrupting the view.

The stadium is a real spectacle. The possibility of seeing Georgia perform at “The Big House” seems just as exciting as LA Memorial.


Iowa Hawkeyes and Washington Huskies

What’s the best college football schedule Georgia has ever played? The Bulldogs share a conference with Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU and Tennessee. They once played in Oklahoma and Ohio State and have played several times against players like Texas and Nebraska.

There isn’t a program in the upper echelon of college football that hasn’t faced Georgia at least once. So what about the next level? Two names stand out, Iowa and Washington. Somehow Georgia has avoided these two schools.

Iowa is particularly surprising since Georgia has played at a Big 10 school 10 times since 1988. The Hawkeyes aren’t at the top of the all-time winning percentages list, but they have five national titles and have enjoyed a rebirth of the program with head coach Kirk Ferentz, entering his 22nd year at Iowa City.

Washington has a pair of national titles and one of the best all-time winning percentages (.616) in college football history. Georgia have only faced a Pacific Northwest team four times, and they haven’t played against a Pac 12 team at all since 2009 (Colorado was in the Big 12 in 2010).

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