Wesleyan College faculty condemns opening speech

Thirty faculty members from Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga. Signed a letter rejecting remarks Sarah Chervenak made in her class 2021 opening speech earlier this month, WGXA reports.

Chervenak, a Wesleyan College graduate and retired FBI agent, used part of her speech to criticize the rise of “critical theory“, “identity politics” and “culture cancellation” in states -Unis, which it partly attributed to higher institutions. education which “pushes a dangerous form of indoctrination in relation to education”.

“Rather than being exposed to diverse ideas, students learn from a given perspective,” Chervenak said in his remarks. Rather than learning to sharpen their critical thinking skills, students learn critical theories that embrace a fundamental principle that oppression and injustice are present in America’s founding principles and in all interactions and must therefore be detected and dismantled. “

Within 24 hours, the professors responded to his remarks, stating that they were “shocked” and “appalled” by the speech and apologizing for the harm inflicted on the students.

“Although we respect the right of everyone to their political opinions, it is unacceptable to use a day intended to honor our students, and an invitation to send them with words of wisdom, as an opportunity to give an ideological cover”, wrote the faculty. “We condemn the anti-black dog whistles and canned anti-education talking points that peppered the speaker’s remarks.”

The letter said the opening speech went against the core values ​​of Wesleyan College and was a “clear attack on the liberal arts.”

The college has not released an official statement regarding the address.

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