‘We would have to change the whole aerodynamic philosophy’: Alpha Tauri boss explains why they won’t be able to copy Mercedes pontoon design

Alpha Tauri’s Franz Tost believes it won’t be possible for them to copy Mercedes’ sidepod design with current budget constraints.

Mercedes surprised everyone in the paddock by fielding the W13 with a very unconventional design during pre-season testing in Bahrain. Their car appeared to have “zero pontoons”, leading many to question the legality of its structure.

The changes made have been described as “legendary”. Some people have even speculated that using a car of this design would save them about an extra second per lap. However, on the track, the car didn’t seem to perform as well.

The other teams remain adamant that Mercedes are bluffing over their problems. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen both insist the Silver Arrows aren’t running the W13 at full power.

At the first race of the season at Sakhir next Sunday, the extent of Mercedes’ “problems” will be exposed to the world.

Meanwhile, Alpha Tauri team principal Franz Tost was impressed with the aerodynamic changes made by the German team. However, if Mercedes decides to use the same design for the opening race, others will not be allowed to copy it.

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Copying Mercedes’ design would require building an all-new car, says Tost

When asked if rival teams could work on emulating Mercedes’ sidepod design, Tost clearly said no. He went on to say that the changes weren’t just for the W13’s side-pod, but the whole car as a whole.

Plus, the $140 million budget cap means they won’t be able to spend resources on an all-new car.

“It’s not just the pontoons, he says. “That’s just part of it. If you had to change anything, you’d have to change the whole aero philosophy.

“I don’t think we can make the effort because if you look at the cost cap, we’re pretty much on the limit in our calculation at the end of the season.”

“I don’t think we could put in the effort to build a whole new car,” Tost concluded.

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