WAU trusts Gen3 despite ‘conspiracy theories’

Triple Eight led the development of the new car, not only as General Motors’ homologation team, but as an engineering partner with Supercars.

T8 boss Jamie Whincup said in August that his team had done 90% of Gen3 development, while Dick Johnson Racing was responsible for 5%, with the Ford homologation team and other teams sharing the responsibilities. 5% final.

It’s a somewhat unique model with T8 designing and developing a car it will compete both with and against next season.

There were constant rumblings of displeasure from rivals during the development of the Gen3 car, mainly over the increasingly tight timelines.

However, there have also been worrying rumors that the T8 will head into 2023 with an edge due to its deep understanding of the Gen3 package.

Speaking ahead of the Repco Bathurst 1000, Walkinshaw Andretti United co-owner Walkinshaw acknowledged that “conspiracy theories” are hard to avoid given that a rival team is developing the car.

However, he added that he and his team grew more confident that Supercars was as transparent as possible as the project drew to a close.

“Look, every team is always going to have a little conspiracy theory that there’s an advantage with homologation teams,” Walkinshaw said when asked about it by Motorsport.com.

“And in some ways there are, because they know what’s coming before all of us.

“You’re a bit of a slave to the system, which is obviously frustrating for us, especially when we know we can do a lot of this work ourselves. However, I think Supercars has handled that relatively well so far. .

“Ultimately the proof will be in the pudding, and we won’t know until we go to our first test, with all the cars on the track together, how close they are to each other.”

WAU is undergoing a bigger change than most to accommodate the Gen3 era, with the team moving from GM to Ford.

According to Walkinshaw, the dual transition is now underway following the mid-year delays to the Gen3 program.

“The last few months have been a big improvement in getting Supercars information,” he said. “We can start developing parts and building parts of the chassis, so that’s promising.

“The engine work is going very well as well, which is encouraging. Engine parity also looks very good, which is a critical step for this category because we need to have parity.

“We work very closely with Ford. It’s a great relationship and they’ve been fantastic and so far. They’ve exceeded expectations on the partnership even before we were fully in bed together, so I’m really excited for the future on this front.”

When asked when he expects WAU to have his Mustangs running, Walkinshaw said: “As soon as we build it and it won’t be for a while to be honest because we still have quite a bit of work to do.

“We hope to have cars ready for December. That’s the plan for the whole category at the moment.”

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