University president Edward Waters says critical race theory backlash and HBCU bomb threats are linked – Reuters

Edward Waters President Dr A. Zachary Faison Jr. Photo: Danielle Prieur

This month’s bomb threats against more than a dozen HBCUs, including 2 in Florida, are blamed on minors with ties to a violent neo-Nazi group. University President Edward Waters says political discourse around critical race theory is radicalizing people.

Early reports from the FBI suggest six minors carried out the bomb threats at HBCUs across the country, including at Florida’s Bethune-Cookman University and Edward Waters University.

Edward Waters University President A. Zachary Faison Jr. blames the rhetoric around critical race theory for the radicalization of these young people.

“It’s rooted in many ways in ignorance. And ignorance not necessarily in a derogatory sense. But in a literal sense. May our youth not be exposed to history and not exposed to truth in this regarding these issues of race.

He says attacks like these are just another reason why American history should be taught in all its truth.

“As ironic as it may sound, the fact that we are having this discussion about how we should teach our young people and what we should teach our young people and the connection and closeness to the fact that this heinous and heinous act is being committed by reported young people was particularly alarming to me, and I’m sure it is to many of us.

Faison says he hopes the age of the perpetrators won’t soften the reaction to the crime.

Critical Race Theory has been banned in seven states so far, including Florida.

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