UFOlogist philosopher says humans aren’t ready to make contact


MYSTERY THREAD – If aliens are real and present on earth, why haven’t they landed on the lawn of the White House or in front of the United Nations? Why didn’t they make an unequivocal demonstration to announce their presence?

Even the most committed UFO researchers don’t have good answers to these questions. They believe in an extraterrestrial presence and believe that these so-called visitors have appeared in our skies for centuries, but the sightings are often brief and the alleged interactions are not considered credible by the scientific community.

Adrian rudnyk

Philosopher Adrian rudnyk looked at the ET issue from a different perspective. Using philosophical methodologies, he analyzed the assumptions we can make about alien intelligence and wondered if it would make sense for an alien civilization to come into direct contact with humanity.

His conclusion is that an advanced species would have good reason to avoid direct contact, at least for now.

Rudnyk believes humans made it clear that our civilization was not advanced enough to join a galactic community. The findings of his years of thoughtful experience are carefully explained in a new publication called “The Assessment”.

Rudnyk graduated in music and philosophy, has played violin professionally for many years, and has been researching UFOs since the 1980s. He and other members of his family have reported dating experiences close dating back several years.

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