Tyler Grisham is on the road again

The Clemson football philosophy on the recruiting track is well known in most circles, but for new recruits it sometimes comes as a surprise given that it is different from most top 10 programs.

First, the Tigers aren’t offering just anyone, as evidenced by the two quarterback and three running back offers for the 2023 cycle shows.

They also usually don’t offer early, waiting until players become at least high school juniors before pulling the trigger.

This sometimes frustrates fans and makes them feel like the Tigers have missed out on a few sure things, or at least an opportunity to move forward in the process with some of the best rookies.

“It can be a bit difficult, but once the rookies understand our philosophy and it’s explained to them, they can appreciate it. And again, the high school coaches appreciate it.

Grisham believes in the philosophy as it is, although there may be some adjustments.

There’s a segment of the fanbase that thinks Clemson should change their philosophy and do what everyone else does: Offer early and often.

It remains to be seen if Clemson’s big misses over the past two years have to do with a lack of coaching travel and the ability to recruit rookies on campus, or if the Tigers’ ethos is outdated.

The most important thing for Clemson is that the coaches are back on the road after being stuck due to the pandemic and this is Grisham’s first spring on the road and of course the rookies can experience Clemson with campus tours.

For his part, Grisham thinks he’s in the right role.

“I think that suits me well, I like recruiting, really,” Grisham said. “It’s my first spring hitting the road. I’ve never gone on the road and recruited in the spring because of the Covid. So it will be new and exciting, to meet the coaches in my region. I had conversations phone calls with the coaches in my area, but I have hardly ever met any in person.

Recruitment is a results-driven business. Saying the right things is part of it, but the proof comes in December and February when the results are tabulated and compared to your competitors.

This will be the ultimate judge of whether it is a good fit or not.

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