Tuesday: Critical Race Theory, Explained

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Two decades ago, long before GOP leaders and some parents were outraged that critical race theory was influencing school curricula, Vincent Flewellen made a point of leaving his students grappling with historical perspectives rarely at the center of their textbooks.

At the time, the Saint-Louis-based educator was teaching sixth grade social studies at MICDS, one of the wealthiest private schools in the region. Flewellen lobbied for some changes in the courses assigned to him, including medieval studies, shortly after he was hired.

“I don’t see myself in there,” Flewellen recalls telling the head of MICDS, who overheard him and instructed him to rewrite the course.

Ultimately, Flewellen shifted the course from a medieval focus to world history, with particular attention to South Africa and apartheid. And he found support for his approach.

Now head of diversity at Wester University, Flewellen followed the recent drama in the Rockwood school district, and the wider ideological battle fought around critical race theory, with interest and sorrow.

“I really believe that a lot of [the pushback to critical race theory comes from] this idea of ​​white supremacy, wanting that whiteness is always centered, ”he said. Saint Louis Live. “[But] the story is not just that of a white person. “

At a time when opinions on critical race theory and inclusive pedagogy are strong and manifold, Flewellen will join host Sarah Fenske on Tuesday to take a closer look at what critical race theory is – and what that it is necessary to make the controversy which surrounds it.

Yin Lam Lee-Johnson of Webster University, an associate professor in the School of Education, will also join the discussion.

Lee-Johnson teaches critical race theory to current and future teachers in a doctoral course. The subject is also discussed in his social justice course.

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