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CLYMER – Clymer Central School last week hosted representatives across a variety of careers for students.

A total of 36 representatives from different fields visited the school. Visitors ranged from medical work to branches of the military and law enforcement, including a K-9 unit. Local businesses including Windmill Flowers and Gift Shop, Countertop Solutions, Jamestown Plastics and Ellwood Forge were also in attendance. Other participants included a lawyer, a personal trainer, occupational therapists and representatives from agriculture, engineering and architecture.

Nichole Damcott of Clymer Central School moderated the events.

“Our goal for Clymer students is for them to feel prepared and confident to succeed after graduation, whether it’s going to college for a degree, entering a technical or vocational school or to enter the labor market”, said Damcott. “We want students to be able to network and experience multiple avenues of career fields so they can make an informed decision. The more careers they come in contact with and the sooner we reach them, the better prepared they are to look realistically at their future. »

The idea originally came from the first Career Week held last year at the school, a smaller-scale version of the event due to COVID restrictions.

“The feedback we received from students and attendees was so positive that we decided to make some revisions and build on the basics of last year’s Careers Week,” said Damcott. “We are fortunate to offer these events thanks to our administration and support staff who see the long-term and large-scale benefits for Clymer students.”

The administration and community members were pleased with the success of the week.

“We are very happy to offer our students such a variety of career options to explore for their future employment,” said high school principal Brianne Fadale. “It is important to provide these opportunities to our students even at a young age. You never know what might pique a student’s interest. Many thanks to the hard work Nichole Damcott has done to coordinate these events and the partnerships we have developed with area employers. Here at Clymer, we definitely plan to continue to provide these opportunities to our students.

Parents in the community were also pleased with the opportunity for their students to connect with people in various professional fields.

“I am thrilled with these opportunities the children have to explore different career options and learn more about the field,” said Courtney Rhines, parent of a Clymer high school and elementary student. “It’s a well-rounded educational opportunity.”

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