Top 5 Hottest Real Time Moments With Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher has had its fair share of viral riot moments over the years. We rank our top 5 favorites as the show returns tonight.

Piers Morgan and Jim Jeffries

We don’t know for sure who decided to put Piers Morgan and Jim Jeffries on the same panel, but it sure provided the entertainment factor. During a heated conversation about Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, Morgan took issue with Maher’s assertion that Clinton was a superior alternative for office. The British broadcaster fought back against panel claims that Trump had successfully launched a “Muslim ban” which Jeffries told Morgan to “(F)off”. The two then engaged in a heated argument, which Maher attempted to break up.

Milo creates chaos

Far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was a guest on Real Time in 2017. After making a number of controversial statements on the show and calling his guests “awful people”, the panel went wild in their reviews. Jack Kingston and Malcolm Nance insulted Milo Yiannopoulos for his insulting comments to the panel before Maher ended the discussion. We don’t want to jinx it, but we can be sure that this group of panelists won’t end up on Real Time in the near future.

Maher vs. Kellyanne Conway

Bill Maher’s discussion with former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was a bitter political confrontation. Shortly before the 2020 presidential election, the HBO host was quick to criticize Trump during the discussion, calling the former president’s voter base “stupid.”

Maher continued, questioning the legacy Conway had created himself in, choosing to represent Donald Trump. And, while the two departed on a somewhat civil note, the political conflict between the two was clearly alive and well.

Ben Shapiro takes on Malcolm Nance

While talking about critical race theory, Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance engaged in a viral real-time political spat as things got personal. The two spent several minutes debating the theory‘s importance in modern society shortly before Shapiro accused Nance of lying.

Things took a pretty quick turn during the interview after Malcolm told Shapiro that his show “sucks.” Shapiro was quick to retaliate, telling Nance, “I’m going to comfort myself tonight by sleeping in my bed made of silver.”


Ben Affleck debates with Sam Harris

Ben Affleck’s appearance on RealTime in 2014 certainly made headlines and remains one of the most viral segments in the show’s history.

Affleck was highly critical of Maher and Harris for their takes on radical Islam. The three engaged in a long, heated discussion on the matter, truly defining the brilliance of Real Time’s political entertainment.

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