Three Definitive Trends to Fuel the Philosophy of Diamond Jewelry in 2022

By: N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, May 13 (IANSlife): “The memory of a piece of jewelery is powerful. In the past, we would buy jewelery for an occasion, a birthday or an anniversary, but now when I buy jewelery I am constantly thinking of my daughter – what she would like, and what she would like to wear. I think that’s one of the differences between the old heirlooms and the new ones. In fact, the new heirlooms are made to be personal, more wearable and defined in a goal, says Roohi Oomerbhoy Jaikishan, entrepreneur and fashion icon.

Jewelry is a form of self-expression for the younger generation, and they want to tell their own stories with a touch of whimsy and glitz – truly representative of what natural diamonds stand for. Keeping in mind the impact of last year’s cultural transformation on consumer behavior, jewelry shopping has seen an evolution towards exploring timeless classic designs intertwined with an edgy appeal that can perfectly fit into everyone’s new routine.

The second edition of the Natural Diamond Council’s Jewelery Trends Report in India and the United Arab Emirates offers insight and predictions on natural diamond jewelery set to make statements in 2022.

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council India & The Middle East, said, “Natural diamonds continue to be the epitome of luxury and the celebration of personal milestones. The past two years have redefined the way we express ourselves through fashion and jewelry and our Trends Report conveys the invaluable experiences that set the tone for the year. It reflects a whimsical spirit based on vintage choices, to create means of self-expression, adding a sense of playfulness and glamor to your personal style; a true definition of the charisma exhibited by young millennials and GenZ audiences. Curated by the best minds in fashion and style, it is an outstanding compilation of invaluable information about wearer preferences as well as the times we live in.

Summarizing the sensibilities that define today’s aesthetic, Bibhu Mohapatra, Global Fashion Designer, said, “Fine jewelry has the ability to tell stories, which is what makes it heirlooms. They can be passed down from generation to generation, each time telling the stories of those who once owned and wore the pieces. It’s like the story of a natural diamond, which forms over billions of years and lives forever.

According to the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and Style Collective, three definitive trends will drive the philosophy of diamond jewelry in 2022.

“Hoops with a Twist”, is the first trend to define jewelry this year, the silhouette of the hero’s earring, when set with natural diamonds, seamlessly transforms the classic and flirtatious accessory into a mesmerizing pair that lights up the red carpet. Today’s interpretations of classic hoops represent innovation and whimsy, clustered diamonds, linked details and a variety of shapes that literally reinvent the wheel.

Rhea Kapoor, film producer and stylist, said, “A hoop is not an earring that takes itself seriously — and I love that! One of the first diamond jewelry I bought myself was a pair of diamond hoops. Even as a child, I would steal my mother’s gold hoops from the 1980s and wear them. I love the classics but there’s always a slight irreverence to it, so I gravitate towards irregular hoops, which have personality and character, which isn’t perfect.”

Another trend marking this year’s fashion expressions is “Mismatched Diamonds”, allowing wearers to make a statement with subtlety. The combination of a variety of differently cut diamonds in a single piece of jewelry defines their personal style and presents an opportunity to get creative with their own pieces and add to their collections.

Finally, the “Vintage Cuts”, resurface this year with a particular focus on the “Briolettes” and the “Rose Cuts”. When live red carpet events resumed, after the mandatory break during the pandemic, the Briolettes remained a mainstay of some of the most glamorous looks. One-piece ready movement, the drop-shaped diamond reflects the new era of audiences expressing their personality with style and independence. Rose-cut diamonds, one of the oldest cuts in the world, exude an understated elegance and vintage aesthetic. Unique, delicate, dazzling and one of the most coveted diamond cuts, the rose cut is starting to become a size of choice for engagement rings.

Nonita Kalra, Editor-in-Chief, Tata CliQ Luxury; and Editor-in-Chief of NDC Jewelery Trend Report 2022, said, “Vintage-cut diamonds remind me of the strong women in my family, who would wear diamonds from day to afternoon evenings. They bring me back to those moments of simple happiness and hope, of a lightness of being.”

“The rose-cut diamonds are so delicate, almost as if floating on the skin. They have something romantic and feminine about them. Similarly, briolette diamonds have a softer appearance; the way they catch the light is really unusual. , it’s more about subtlety, aesthetics and beauty than bling,” added Sarah Royce, Greensill, Jewelry and Watches Editor, Telegraph, UK.

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