THINK ABOUT YOUR VALUES: Vote Broschet, Corkill and Zimmerman for NIC

Tip O’Neill, when he was Speaker of the House, is famous for saying “All politics is local”. I heard a commentator say recently that today all politics is national. What he meant was that there is now a national movement started by the right to contest all elections from top to bottom in local, state and national offices.

Races that were once non-partisan are now partisan – hospital boards, school boards, soil and conservation councils as well as town council and county commissioner races.

The main motivation is to elect Conservatives with a philosophy of small government, which means less taxes, less regulation, and fewer government services, including medical care and education.

Along with this political philosophy comes a sense of white supremacy and evangelical Christianity. This movement is broad and very strong, the strongest since the struggles of the labor movement at the end of the 19th century.

The battle for the NIC board is the most prominent expression of this movement. This means that it is not enough to elect a president or a senator that you like. It also means electing people to all positions who share your values.

The battle is on. Vote for Zimmerman, Corkill, and Broschet for North Idaho College trustees, as well as your nominees for all other races.


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