The Big Bang Theory Crew Treated Sheldon Like A Child More Than You Probably Remember

In June 2022, Reddit user CorgiTacos31 issued a call to action for the “Big Bang Theory” community asking them to help compile a list of every time Sheldon’s friends treated him like a child. Fans from all corners of the site came to help, and calling their roster a long one would be an understatement. Penny brings him to Disneyland as her own child, she and Leonard have tucked him in several times, and they even talk to him as their son during their fights. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes Sheldon will reference the fact that they treat him like a little kid, but that never stops him from agreeing.

While he can be rude, a bit annoying, and legitimately naughty at times, Sheldon’s childishness helped make him endearing. Jim Parsons deserves a lot of credit for his performance as the character, even if his work made it difficult to reunite the “Big Bang Theory” prequel series “Young Sheldon.” “We thought, ‘Can we find a nine-year-old kid who can do what Jim Parsons did? That doesn’t seem possible! We’re not going to find that,'” producer Steve Holland in an interview with Express. However, that attitude changed once Iain Armitage landed on his radar, and after Holland and his team checked his audition tape, he landed the gig.

Whether portrayed as an incredibly mature child for his age or an adult with a prevalent childish side, Sheldon Cooper is an undisputed fan favorite.

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