The architect of the soft-power theory gives his opinion on “Talking about foreign affairs”

Perth, Australia, October 05, 2022 –(– Professor Joseph Nye, famous pioneer of ‘Soft Power’ theory, was a recent guest on ‘Talking Foreign Affairs’ with Adil Cader.

The two discuss Professor Nye’s new book, “Do Morals Matter: Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump”, and aspects of soft power relevant to today’s world. In his opening statement, Professor Nye remarks: “If you take the cynical view that morals don’t matter, you’re going to get the story wrong. He further adds that for all the American presidents he discusses in his book as well as their foreign policy, morality makes a huge difference.

On China, he thinks it has an ethical problem with soft power and they don’t realize its importance. “If your hard power – economic and military – grows more and more, you will scare your neighbors and they will form coalitions against you.” He explains how the development of the soft power of attraction at the same time as the hard power can make a nation-state less threatening. Regarding China, Professor Nye adds: “It is very difficult to develop soft power in areas where you claim someone else’s territory.” It further explains the importance of civil society in the development of soft power.

Professor Nye also discusses the theoretical aspects of the discipline and their application to contemporary global issues. He concludes by indicating the importance of soft and hard powers reinforcing each other, rather than one replacing the other.

“It is a mistake to think that soft-power will replace hard power.” -Teacher. Joseph Nye

Professor Joseph Nye is a university professor emeritus, and former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He pioneered the theory of soft power and explained the distinction between it and hard power. In a recent survey of international relations scholars, he was ranked the most influential scholar in American foreign policy.

Talking Foreign Affairs has interviewed several world leaders, from the UN secretary general to heads of state, from Nobel laureates to those who have led mission-critical organizations like the WTO, the World Bank and NASA.

Adil Cader specializes in global diplomacy and Australian foreign policy. He is the founder and host of Talking Foreign Affairs, based in Perth.

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