The 10 Most Competitive Characters On TV

Television has provided some of the best and most unforgettable characters in pop culture. From beloved, nurturing moms to complex mean daughters and bosses from hell, TV shows have given audiences compelling if not always likeable characters to cheer on and support.

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All of these figures have traits that make them unique, and competitiveness is one of them. Indeed, some characters love winning above all else and will do whatever they can to achieve victory. Whether they’re competing in a marathon or a simple Monopoli game, this group will stop at nothing to come out on top and be crowned “the best”.

ten Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf was the undisputed Queen B of Gossip Girl. Beautiful, resourceful and blessed with a keen sense of fashion, Blair ruled the Upper East Side with an iron fist, stepping over her friends and family on her way to the top. Still, she had a soft side, though she saved it for Chuck and Serena.

Throughout his life, Blair has shown a great love for competition. She worked hard to upstage Nelly Yuki in Constance, and her friendship with Serena was built on a somewhat toxic competitive dynamic. As an adult, Blair was still working hard to be the best, which fans and critics loved about her.

9 Lucrecia Montesinos – Elite

Elite follows a group of teenagers in a prestigious Spanish school, Las Encinas. Among this group is Mexican villain Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos, a very controlling and overly ambitious girl who doesn’t hesitate to blackmail teachers and students to get what she wants.

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Lu is highly driven and enjoys competition, especially against Nadia, her once-romantic rival turned friend and unlikely ally. Lu excels in school because she works twice as hard as everyone else and loves to bask in the recognition she receives for her blatant efforts.


8 Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson smiling in How I Met Your Mother.

Barney Stinson, television’s most famous lothario, is, arguably, how I Met Your Motheris the best character and one of the main reasons the series has lasted so long. Barney is a womanizer, reckless, manipulative and brash, enjoying a superficial and hedonistic lifestyle.

Charming but grumpy, Barney sees everything in terms of competition. His relentless pursuit of women with “daddy issues” perfectly represents his driven yet controversial personality. Yet Barney genuinely cares about those he loves, especially his friends, though he still likes to dominate them.

7 Amy Brookheimer – Veep

Veep is full of unlikable characters who do nasty things but are still entertaining. Among these figures is Amy Brookheimer, who once described herself as “Selina’s troubleshooter, problem solver, problem mediator, doubt remover, conscience examiner, thinker, and all-rounder.”

Amy is a classic overachiever who is also hyper competitive. So, it makes sense that she would be more comfortable in the stressful and constantly hectic environment of American politics. Committed and aggressive, Amy is often in control, a position she deeply enjoys.

6 Dennis Reynolds – It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

The weather is always sunny in Philadelphia Glenn Howerton Dennis Reynolds

Dennis may be superficially handsome and charming, but he’s a deeply deranged man with serious sociopathic tendencies. Dennis is conceited, manipulative, intelligent, hyper-sexual, and delusional, often believing himself to be better than everyone else and, at one point, referring to himself as a “god of gold”.

Because of his delusions of superiority, Dennis likes to win. During the CharDee MacDennis game, he exhibits real signs of physical pain when he loses or knows an answer without being able to say it out loud. Dennis may like to win, but his violent tendencies make him almost ideal as a competitive partner.

5 Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

A genius with an IQ of 187, Sheldon Cooper is one of the greatest minds in the world. He is a theoretical physicist working at Caltech and specializing in string theory. At the end of The Big Bang TheorySheldon is a Nobel Prize winner for discovering super asymmetry.

Sheldon is the smartest character in The Big Bang Theory, meaning he’s also incredibly selfish. He enjoys showing off his accomplishments and winning, even though he enjoys doing it alone. Indeed, Sheldon would rather lose on his own than win as a team, at least during the early episodes of the show.

4 Homelander – The Boys

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

It might be easy to dismiss Homelander as just another of Supermen’s many evil proxies. However, the character is much more layered than any simple impersonation, representing the idea of ​​absolutely corrupting absolute power. In the BoysHomelander is an arrogant, nationalistic narcissist with sociopathic tendencies.

In addition to his many questionable behaviors, Homelander is also deeply competitive. He believes himself to be the best and acts as if everyone is below him, even his fellow superheroes. Homelander is a danger to society, and his violent desire to always win makes him even worse.

3 Sue Sylvester – Joy

Joy didn’t have a villain per se, but Sue was the de facto antagonist for most of its run. Coach of the Cheerios and eventual headmistress of McKindley High, Sue uttered some of the most scathing insults in Joyoften directed at his nemesis, Glee Club coach Will Schuester.

Sue loved competition and had hundreds of trophies to prove it. His Cheerios were superstars at McKinley, and his efforts earned him notoriety nationwide. Sue’s need for victory spilled over into other aspects of her life, including her romantic relationships and her hobbies.

2 Paris Geller – Gilmore Girls

Paris Geller sitting on a sofa in Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life.

Paris Geller was the undisputed queen of Chilton and the smartest character in Gilmore Girls. The definition of a perfectionist, Paris went over every detail to ensure her work was in perfect condition. Her need for success eventually led her to become a certified doctor, lawyer and dental technician.

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Because of its intense personality, Paris is also very competitive. She is always looking for a challenge and likes to use fear to get rid of her competition, investigating and exploiting their weak points. Paris also devotes considerable time to preparing for each competition, always giving everything and even more.

1 Monica Geller – Friends

Monica Geller sitting on a couch in Central Perk in Friends

When it comes to Type A personalities, no character comes to mind faster than Monica Geller. The funniest episodes of Friends often feature his controlling and absurdly competitive personality and his overwhelming need for cleanliness and order.

Monica’s competitive side always shines through, whether she’s playing Pictionary with Chandler and Phoebe or kicking a ball with her friends. Monica likes to win and goes to great lengths to achieve victory. in one episode, she and her equally stubborn brother stay on a football field all night because they both refuse to allow the other to win. Now that’s commitment.

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