Texas Governor Candidate: Whistleblower Alleges “Critical Racial Theory Indoctrination” at State Agency

A The whistleblower has revealed information about a Texas state agency that forced “critical indoctrination of racial theory” among employees, according to Texas candidate for governor Don Huffines.

The anonymous whistleblower, identified only as an employee of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, shared the material with the Huffines campaign. In a video, Huffines claimed the whistleblower approached them with the aim of challenging Critical Race Theory, a legal theory that espouses the idea that systematic racism is part of American society. Republicans joined opposition to CRT in schools.

“A whistleblower in the Texas government has come to us to help end the critical racial theory indoctrination that has been imposed on state employees and is being paid for by you, the Texas taxpayer. “Huffines said.


“An employee of the Department of Family and Protective Services came to see us worried that we had been forced to take a course called ‘Know who you are’, then he had to report to his supervisor that it was finished.” Huffines said. , adding that the agency has “more than 13,000 employees”.

The agency has required employees to have training required as a condition of their employment, Huffines said in the video.

After successfully completing the training, the whistleblower was “forced to take a quiz,” added the candidate. The quiz required employees to recognize that institutional racism and white privilege existed and swear to be “warriors of social justice,” Huffines said.

“This employee came to us because, unfortunately, they don’t trust the politicians in Texas,” Huffines added. “This is probably because politicians have been the ones funding exactly this type of indoctrination for many years.”

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott enacted a law that seeks to ban the teaching of CRT in public school K-12 schools and outlaws the Project 1619, a New York Times Magazine project which argues that the founding of the United States began the year the first slaves were sold to British settlers, rather than 1776, the year the United States declared independence.


Huffines, who previously served as the GOP state senator, announced in May he was running for governor, challenging Abbott for the post. Huffins has previously criticized Abbott’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the state.

The Washington Examiner contacted the Huffines Campaign and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for comment.

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