Targeting ‘critical race theory’, Republicans ring American schools

Still, he acknowledged that Republicans had “figured out how to send a message.”

The message goes back to Mr. Trump, who in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign announced the formation of the 1776 Commission, set up explicitly to tie up what he called “left-wing indoctrination” in schools sometimes violent demonstrations. about the police murders.

A commission report has been derided by mainstream historians; Mr Biden canceled the project on day one in office, but its impact continues on the Right.

Media Matters for America, a liberal group, documented a wave of negative coverage of critical breed theory by Fox News starting in mid-2020 and peaking in April, with 235 mentions. And the Pew Research Center found last year that Americans are deeply divided over their perceptions of racial discrimination. Over 60% of Conservatives said it was a bigger problem for people to see discrimination where it doesn’t exist, rather than ignoring discrimination that really does exist. Only 9% of the Liberals agreed.

Some Democratic strategists have said the issue is a political responsibility for their party. Ruy Teixeira, senior researcher at the Center for American Progress, on the left, recently wrote: “The steady march of ‘anti-racist’ ideology” in school curricula “will generate a backlash among Norman parents.”

In an interview, he criticized leading Democrats for failing to invoke critical race theory because of their fear that “it would lessen the anger of the arousing party elements.”

In Loudoun County, Va., Dueling parent groups clash, one calling themselves “anti-racist” and the other opposed to what he sees as the creep of critical race theory into. the school district, which accommodates 81,000 students from a diverse region outside of Washington.

After a 2019 report found a racial gap in achievement, disproportionate discipline inflicted on black and Hispanic students, and the widespread use of racial slurs in schools, administrators adopted an “anti-racism plan systemic ”. He calls for mandatory teacher training on “systemic oppression and implicit prejudice”.

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