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EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

ISHPEMING – The Ishpeming High School cheerleaders placed first at a regional cheerleading camp held on August 2 at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. And the junior varsity team came in second. Both teams won numerous ribbons and the college cheerleaders also won the “Firecracker spirit” and “Song of the whole squad” competitions. College cheerleader Kaydee Dishnow, an IHS elder, received a special honor and was chosen from over 200 cheerleaders to be a staff member of the International Cheerleading Foundation. Members of the varsity team include Terra Argall, Kaydee Dishnow, Melanie Koepp, Teresa Lukkari, Melanie Major and Michelle Pearce. The college’s junior cheerleaders are Beth Duroucher, Angela Graham, Rachel Mattson, Alicia Lampi, Libby Ogea, Sarah Pedersen and Michelle Peterson. Both teams will compete in the 1991 International Open Cheerleading Championships December 29-30 in Nashville, Tenn.

90 years ago

TOWNSHIP OF CHOCOLAY – There is no doubt that many, many little boys, and not a negligible number of older ones, see the Harvey Rural School exhibit at the fair without spending much time there. This one-class country school in the canton of Chocolay has developed a project that is the envy of half of the schoolchildren who see it. The stand is a “study of nature” collection and if there are a lot of things in the north of the country that are not part of this collection, we cannot say what they are. The children and their teacher have been busy collecting for a long time. It is appealing not only from the point of view of real interest, but it has great educational value in that it opens the eyes of these children to the fascinating study presented to the world about us. There is a deer’s foot on display. A little further on is a dear mouse in a jar. The bull’s-eye, the tail and claw of a muskrat, strange insects and beetles, snails and just about anything that walks above, crawls or crosses the earth seems visible and labeled. It was worth seeing.

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