Study Buddy Education Seeks To Launch Two Educational Apps In 195 Countries On Seven Continents To Help Students And Teachers Affected By The Pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2021 / It has been a year since the pandemic took the world by storm and invaded the lives of the hardworking citizens of every day in every country and put all students and teachers in the world out of school, making money. learning a barrier and making technological resources difficult to obtain. .

“Not all homes have a computer or Wi-Fi so that students and teachers can communicate with other classmates and be in touch with their community. This barrier will hurt the student and teacher community academically and prevent students from having a great school experience. “-Nickalas

Nickalas Smith II is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Study Buddy Education Inc. He has worked in education for 5 years, creating strategic means for globalization and contract negotiations with the market global school to lead Study Buddy Education to own 50% of the market.

5 years of hard work shows that Study Buddy Education has found a way to help students and teachers be able to communicate during these difficult times by setting up the launch of its first program for the school year 2021-2022 for schools in 195 countries across 7 continents.

Study Buddy Education focuses on PreK-8th Grade and 9th Grade through Masters, Bachelor and Doctorate levels offering different learning services for each year and career level.

“Study Buddy wants to be the leading EdTech company, serving higher education, K-12, businesses and governments around the world in 2030,” says Nickalas.

Study Buddy Education has already contacted over 10,000 schools in 195 countries for partnerships in hopes of forming a relationship that will allow the Study Buddy platform to replace many other online learning tools that do not help. students succeed in these categories such as ACT, SAT, and entrance examination assessment test.

“These tests are essential for students who major in courses such as chemistry and biology who come to school every day for a chance to attend the best nursing schools, which allows students to become professionals and serve others who need it. ” – Nickalas

Study Buddy believes its technology is for the future and believes the company can help with the academic requirements at the continent, country, state, and district level regarding testing and assessment goals that can help students. schools to earn more public and government funds.

Students will have more opportunities to enter college institutions with these resources. The school and the student community can help students pursue their dreams and passion in whatever career field they desire.

Study Buddy’s first product to hit the market is the “Study Buddy Learn” classroom environment app, which is an app specially designed for Kindergarten to Grade 8 with the Caterpillar logo symbolizing a new path of growth and development. ‘learning. Study Buddy Education wants to focus on the things schools and teachers need to bring their students and families closer to the school community.

The Study Buddy classroom environment app, “Study Buddy Learn,” the Kindergarten to Grade 8 educational app provides teachers with tools that connect elementary teachers, students and families through communication, such as a stream of photos and videos of the school day.

The system provides teachers with resources and training modules designed to improve teaching practices both in a traditional classroom and through remote delivery, which will lead district leaders to say that the platform Study Buddy form is best designed to support not only in-person learning, but also online learning and virtual classrooms only.

The second Study Buddy Education product that will hit the market at the end of Christmas is a learning management system, “Study Buddy LMS,” which focuses on middle, secondary and tertiary education programs that feature the deep learning and teaching that all faculty and students go through in trying to build their careers.

This “Study Buddy Learning Management System” product has the butterfly logo which symbolizes the unfolding of the student’s wings and opportunities and allows them to soar to new opportunities which may be new managerial jobs and a new one. going to university in their future.

Study Buddy’s learning management system, “Study Buddy LMS”, aims to give high school teachers and college professors the tools they need to help their students take their college careers to the next level. .

Study Buddy LMS helps the teacher plan their study program by helping them shape their entire learning plan with Study Buddy features that all teachers can use to download important documents, send in assignments, Scoring tests and quizzes while students can have access to these features when viewing grades, homework and passing while trying to build their career or course plan.

Study Buddy Education’s learning management system will house all the tools needed by teachers, allowing the teacher to upload and edit their curriculum within their curriculum by adding all functionality in one place specifically for teachers. textbook publishing companies such as McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillan Learning, and Pearson that many teachers and student communities use.

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Study Buddy wants to build a relationship with the school community and be able to help students and teachers come together through learning with a greater focus on graduation rates, college acceptance and by guiding students towards good career and employment choices.

Study Buddy Education will also help the teacher and student community by adding all new features that help educators make money when not working in the classroom by teaching students who need to learn different languages. and practice new literacy skills.

These courses can range from math, reading, language arts and science to college exams and also help students who are struggling with language barriers allowing teachers to teach English to foreign students while earning money for their time.

Many educators hope to prepare their students for the 180-day school program, but sometimes they need a helping hand from the technology and this is what Study Buddy brings to the classroom.

“We want to be an educational technology company that aims to help students prepare and prepare for college preparation exams and college entrance exams, which will further their ambitions and determine their careers. . ” – Nickalas

The end-of-course exams and in-depth tests of the AP and International Baccalaureate each year leave students failing or barely passing because the tools are not available for them to prepare sufficiently on their own, their classmates and the teaching aids that are given to teachers and this is where Study Buddy comes in to help.

Educators can use Study Buddy tools which make learning more fun and easier so that students can feel like part of the everyday class and can build their confidence and self-esteem so that they can intuitively go their own way and find a career that makes them happy. the materials they need when learning at home or using Study Buddy in the classroom.

Study Buddy has implemented bigger quiz and homework rewards on Study Buddy Learn and Study Buddy LMS. We’ve added celebration features that give students appreciation and kudos for handing in their homework and being a part of campus.

Study Buddy will bring all the tools teachers need to facilitate quizzes and homework and enable students to read virtual textbooks online through the Study Buddy platform, all located in one place from learning companies. that we will partner with, such as McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillan Learning and Pearson connecting to their online educational learning tools.

Many students are left behind in grade levels due to the fact that they do not have the essential tools necessary for their use to help with tests and homework.

Reading, writing and math skills are what Study Buddy will focus on and build on literacy and comprehension for the student’s future.

These little things really make a difference when we are looking to keep young learners engaged. A key aspect of the Study Buddy platform is making sure that students can more easily transition from online or virtual learning to in-person learning.

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Many students are left behind in grade levels because they lack the essential tools needed to use them to help with tests and homework. Reading, writing and math skills are what Study Buddy will focus on and build on literacy and comprehension for the student’s future.

Can Study Buddy Education help with these issues?

We’ll just have to wait and see if Study Buddy Education can help the world’s students and teachers.

Contact details of the study buddy:
Company manager: Nickalas Smith II
Manager’s Title: Chief Executive Officer
Professional email: [email protected]
Business phone: (415) -808-9927
Company website:
Company Location: San Francisco, California

SOURCE: Buddy Education Inc.

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