STARS project to boost the education system of deputies

Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Starting with Indore and Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is poised to strengthen its education system under the World Bank’s STARS project.

MP is one of six states selected for the program.

The Ministry of Education’s Strengthening Teaching, Learning and Outcomes for States (STARS) project was signed between the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) and the World Bank, along with the Ministry of Education.

The Rs 5,718 crore project will receive financial support from the World Bank in the amount of US$500 million (about Rs 3,700 crore) and the rest from participating states over a period of 5 years.

District education officer Manglesh Vyas had a meeting with the state education center for the implementation of the project on Monday.

“The project will help improve assessment systems, facilitate school-to-work transition, strengthen classroom teaching and remediation, decentralize management and strengthen governance, he said.

Vyas shared that the project aims to improve comprehensive monitoring and measurement activities in the Indian school education system through interventions in selected states. “STARS will build on the existing structure under Samagra Shiksha,” he said.

“A State Incentive Grant (SIG) will be used to encourage states to achieve desired project outcomes,” Vyas said, adding that an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) will verify each outcome before funds are disbursed. “Vyas said.

//Scaling up girls’ education campaign

The educational need of girls and marginalized groups is another objective of this project. “This being a major goal aligned with the state goal, we will carry out more activities to ensure that every girl in our district and state attends schools, including organizing campaigns in rural areas,” Vyas said.

He added that several campaigns and educational programs are planned for teachers and other faculties to reach out to these ignored groups and especially girls.

//Teacher training is key

“One of the main challenges facing the education system is teaching skills, because we can manage infrastructure and everything with funds, but good teachers are the roots of an education system,” Vyas said. . He added that teachers must be qualified to educate a child. The environment is important, but not as much as learning and teaching.

“We have already started teacher assessment and it has clearly shown good results, so a lot more work on teacher training will be undertaken in the coming years,” Vyas said.

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Posted: Monday, May 23, 2022, 8:12 PM IST

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