Starfield’s philosophical insights could make it stand out from other sci-fi games

by Starfield The early 2023 release draws nearer and anticipation continues to mount for Bethesda Game Studios’ new intellectual property. Its first new IP in 25 years, Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, says star field is Skyrim in the space. With a large map, a 30-40 hour long story, and over 1000 planets to visit across hundreds of star systems, the game is shaping up to be an impressive feat.

Whereas star field is sure to give players plenty of places to explore, more than enough meat and potatoes to fill the game world with lively activities and adventures to take on. Different factions, governments, corporations, mercenaries, and pirates live and breathe among the stars players will traverse. However, beyond these elements, the scope of star field is vast and could set it apart from other sci-fi games. This stems from his philosophical ideas which the game hopes to challenge and explore.


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Humanity among the stars

Howard mentioned several times that star field will contain two “step out” moments where the player will be confronted with the fear of the surrounding universe. These moments are tied to the exploration that the game seeks to offer players and will be milestones on the journey. Howard mentioned that these moments relate to ideas of humanity as a space species.

It’s an essential part of the game and of this philosophical thought about what’s next for humanity as a species. To capture the realism of space and our place in that future, Howard visited SpaceX to physically and aesthetically understand the authenticity of what space, space travel, space stations, exoplanets and colonies might look like. in the future. Avoiding flashy, high-tech sorcery was a pivotal decision in gauging how humanity can thrive at the end of realspace.

Humanity’s Purpose at Starfield

Tied to the idea that humanity is a species that lives in space and thrives among the stars, this is just the tip of the iceberg for star field. Recently, composer Inon Zur shared his thoughts on the game. Zur says the game’s scope is not only huge, but the story is dark and philosophical, posing enduring and thought-provoking questions to players who are likely doomed wasting hundreds of hours in-game looking for answers.

Zur’s comments complement Howard’s insights into what this means for humanity as a species and its purpose if space is the next logical frontier to explore and conquer. Howard and Zur both identify that the game not only challenges this way of thinking, but can provide answers if players are willing to find the answers. Both men conclude that part of the player’s agency in the narrative will lead to such discoveries.

Going further, Zur even described the game and its philosophical questions and answers as life changing. He certainly believes that the conclusions of the game and the agency for these philosophical questions will change the way players think and see the universe. While story details have been scarce, the little-known does indeed point to deeper and exciting questions beyond a superficial level.

star field is one of the most anticipated new games in 2023, as the first new IP for Bethesda in 25 years. However, the game should be expansive and more extensive than Skyrim, with a long and voracious story that will contain at least two release moments for players to admire the surrounding wonders of the universe. Additionally, the philosophical theme of what it means for humanity to be a space-faring species only heightened the mysteries and exploration designed for the game.

star field released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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