Sound art (Studio MInor) | MICA

MICA’s Studio Minor in Sound Art offers a deep foundation in sound as an expressive medium.

Program overview

The program focuses on composition, improvisation, computer music, sound installation, psycho-acoustics, soundtrack, instrument design, sound art and radio art, as well as theory criticism and history.

Through the study of sound arts at MICA, you will develop an understanding of the myriad ways that musical composers, sound artists, and visual artists can conceive of sound developed as a unique and powerful work of art.

Work together

The miner’s range of potential partners includes STEIM, an Amsterdam-based center for research and development of instruments and tools for performers and artists in the field of sound; New Radio and Performing Arts, which promotes the development of new and experimental works for radio and sound arts; WXPN FM of the University of Pennsylvania; Megapolis Audio Festival, an annual week-long event dedicated to DIY radio crafts; and the High Zero Festival, and annual event dedicated to experimental, electronic music and the art of sound installation.

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