Small village with exclusive philosophy library

ANANTAPUR: The small village, Kowthalam in Adoni mandal of Kurnool district, has an exclusive philosophy library – run by Mantralayam Project Manager Guru Sarvabhowma Dasa Sahitya and former TTD Project Special Officer Dasa Sahitya, Dr Appannacharya.

There are more than 5000 manuscripts, some of them as old as 300 years old, along with another 10,000 books on the philosophy of Dwitha, Adwitha and Visista Adwitha in the library are a great attraction for scholars researching Indian philosophy. The books are available in Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu.

The village of Kowthalam, the birthplace of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru, the famous Haridasa of the Dvaita system who was a Sanskrit scholar, dedicated his life to Haridasa Sahitya.

Kowthalam is located about 30 km from the Mantralayam pilgrimage center. According to the story, he originally had a short lifespan but got the blessings for more years of life from Vijaya Dasa of Chippagiri in Kurnool district. Guru Jagannatha Dasaru, who was an ardent devotee of Raghvendra Swamy, composed Harikathamrutha Sara in the Kannada language. This was published by a British sovereign.

K. Appannachar, former special officer of the TTD Dasa Sahitya Project, was a descendant of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru. He continued the tradition and procured centuries-old manuscripts and books of philosophy. He initiated the renovation of the temple with the Harikathamruthasara project and library.

During a briefing on the creation of the library, Appanacharya told DC that the library has centuries-old manuscripts, including the Garuda Purana by Guru Jagannatha Dasaru and Ravana Samhitha. “We have detailed the history of over 300 Haridasas of Narahari Theertha 900 years ago and the recent Sundara Vittala Dasa Haridasas Keerthanas and his stories,” Appanacharya said.

He said three people have done their research at Haridasa Sahitya and have obtained doctorate degrees from various universities so far.

The library has specially fitted shelves to secure ancient books and manuscripts. Each paper of the manuscripts was specially protected to provide spiritual knowledge to future generations of society.

He said the library invites philosophy lovers to come here and expand their horizons of knowledge to a wider space.

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