Silencer Central announces new website

Silencer Central launched a new website and a new logo. The redesigned site further streamlines the shopping experience and provides more versatile tools for suppressor training and improved customer service.

“As Silencer Central continues to grow, its tools must also grow and evolve,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “Our new site will be much more efficient for customers who want to shop online. We have refined our educational resources, improved our customer service capabilities, and designed a secure online sales tool that will further streamline the Silencer Central sales process.

The new website provides an easy-to-use sales platform to initiate suppressor purchases. Customers looking for more information will also find that the many articles in the revamped site’s educational library provide clarity for a variety of frequently asked questions on topics ranging from current political events to debates over the composition of materials, user-usable designs and much more. Additionally, new customer service tools provide improved connectivity for enthusiasts seeking advice during and after their buying process.

“Silencer Central is proud to launch a new logo, which captures the current spirit of expansion,” said Jennifer Tuttle, Director of Marketing at Silencer Central. “This iconic new design represents Silencer Central’s commitment to being the national leader in suppressor distribution. We are committed to providing the best sales and customer service experience in the industry.

The company ships suppressors directly to customers in the 42 states where they are legal. The shipping process is just one way Silencer Central has revolutionized the way they can be purchased. The new site further streamlines the experience by educating enthusiasts and removing unnecessary obstacles.

Interest in suppressors and the number of owners has increased dramatically in recent years. BATFE’s annual report “Firearm’s in the United States Annual Statistical Update 2019” reported the number of suppressors in the United States in May 2019 to be 1,750,433. As of April 2020, according to the Bureau, this number had already increased by more than a quarter of a million, to reach 2,042,719.

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