School board candidate takes on LGBTQ books, Critical Race Theory

With the Tulsa Public School Board District 7 headquarters open, one candidate hopes to charm voters with his far-right beliefs. Former District Attorney Tim Harris comes forward with a platform filled with hateful rhetoric.

Linking Hillary Clinton to Saul Alinsky and anti-capitalist sentiment, Mr Harris appeared disgusted by a book that included same-sex marriage. “These kinds of topics are not appropriate,” he said clearly in a message to voters.

He went on to refer to innocent victims of law enforcement shootings, saying “they call it ‘police brutality’ and it’s not appropriate to teach fifth graders.” Meanwhile, of more than 100 young people killed by police brutality since 2015, 23 were under the age of 15. Tamir Rice was only 12 when he was killed by a policeman; Adam Toledo was 13 years old.

The candidate wants their personal beliefs to shape the curriculum

While Mr. Harris concerns himself with socialism and same-sex marriage, he also challenges critical race theory in Tulsa public schools. Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is not part of the TPS program, and Mr. Harris, who is white, wants it to stay that way.

Mr Harris is also an adamant supporter of Christianity, noting that “what we believe is the word of God”, without mentioning who he means by “us”. He went on to say that “the Church and parents are afraid to talk about hot issues.”

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“I’ve been praying about it,” he continued at a public forum for school board candidates, discussing TPS’s K-12 program, conveniently ignoring the separation of church and college. State in public institutions that accept federal dollars, such as GST. He ended his rant with “God bless each of you”, mistakenly assuming that every participant and viewer is a Christian.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harris is not without his supporters. It has at least an endorsement from the Tulsa Beacon, a reliable conservative newspaper with an evangelical Christian orientation.

The Tulsa Public School District School Board primary election will be held on February 8.

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