Russian political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin rebukes Putin’s letter

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Without quoting him by name, Aleksandr Dugin clearly reprimanded Vladimir Putin in a letter published on the Tsargrad website in Russia.

A letter posted on the Russian Tsargrad website on Friday November 11 was reportedly written by Aleksandr Dugin. In his letter, Dugin, without mentioning the name of the Russian president, clearly calls for the removal of Vladimir Putin.

The famous Russian political philosopher, analyst and strategist, is known for his views widely labeled as neo-fascist. His words don’t make a sound, and it must be remembered that Dugin’s daughter, Darya, was murdered a few months ago by a car bomb in Moscow.

His rant followed Russia’s withdrawal of its troops from the Kherson region, a move which obviously did not go down well with Dugin. Although he has no official connection to the Kremlin, he has often been referred to in the past as “Putin’s mastermind”, with many claiming he had a lot of influence. Others have dismissed this so-called influence as exaggerated.

Dugin’s letter translates into English roughly as: “A Russian city was ordered, the capital of one of the regions of Russia – the same as Belgorod, Kursk, Donetsk or Simferopol. If you don’t care, then you’re not Russian”.

“Russians are now clenching their teeth in pain, crying and suffering as if their hearts were torn out, their children, brothers, mothers and wives would be killed before their eyes. If you don’t suffer now, you are nothing”.

“Power. She is responsible for it. What is the meaning of autocracy, and do we have it? We give the Sovereign the absolute plenitude of power, and he saves us all – the people, the state, the people – at a critical moment. If for this he surrounds himself with evil spirits or spits on social justice, it is unpleasant, but if only he saved”.

“And if it doesn’t save?” So – the fate of the “king of the rains” awaits him (see Frazer). Autocracy also has a downside. Full power in case of success, but also full responsibility in case of failure. And how did you want it? “.

“How to get out of the situation? Go immediately from a sovereign dictatorship to a commissioner, that is to say introduce an ideology. The leader almost did. But almost still. And Kherson was not nearly overtaken, he was completely overtaken”.

“No claim to Surovikin. He is not a politician, he is responsible for the technical side of the front. Don’t hit him. You know who hit you. And no PR will save here anymore. In a critical situation, political technologies do not work at all. History speaks today. And she says terrible words – for us –”.

“This is not treason, this is a step towards Armageddon. The conditions of the victorious West, this civilization of Satan, will never be acceptable to Moscow. This means that tactical nuclear weapons and strategic nuclear weapons will remain (tactical and strategic nuclear weapons – approx. TsG). This is the end. And here is the most important thing”.

“Under the pressure of circumstances (and it is very unfortunate that it is so terrible), we have made a number of military-political corrections in the conduct of NMD (why it is so late is a separate question). But it didn’t work (so far). The last resource is ideology. Real, not fake that the AP, scared to death by the upheaval of reality, is trying to sell”.

“Stop Playing: Russian Idea. Only her. It is foolish to aim for the total destruction of humanity only because of the fear of the Russian idea, of our ideology. There is no other way. The Russian authorities cannot hand over anything else. The limit has been reached. But the purely technical means for Victory are lacking”.

“The war must become a people’s war in its own right. But so popular – Russian! – the state should become. Not like it is now”.

Presumably when Dugin mentioned ‘the fate of the “Rain King” awaits him, he was referring to the story of the Golden Bough by James Frazer. In this fictional tale, a king was killed because he failed to make it rain during a drought and then had his stomach ripped open.

When Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Dugin was one of the main supporters. He called on Russia to expand its territory to Crimea and from there take all of Ukraine before moving even to the Baltic states if necessary.


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