Reader’s View: Critical race theory used to stoke fears – Reuters

The author of the September 14 letter, “Focus on the basics to improve school test scores,” may want to heed that same advice.

It is quite obvious that all the rage around critical race theory is largely misguided and misinformed; generally, those who shout the loudest have little ability to actually define the term. Various right-wing media ecosystems have created a false narrative, a non-existent crisis, where your children’s teachers are indoctrinating them to hate America and God and question everything we think is good about who we are as a nation. . It’s a sad situation that so many Americans lack the critical thinking skills needed to navigate this stinking swamp of misinformation.

I thought President Donald Trump’s supporters wanted to drain the swamp, not wallow in it. It’s an old political playbook for stoking people’s anger and fear, and various politicians seek to use this issue to agitate the base.

If teachers focused better on the basics, perhaps the radical conclusions of the letter would not have been drawn, based on incomplete evidence. Perhaps such claims would be better supported by reasonable evidence. And perhaps arguments could be made to be taken seriously by thoughtful people.

You can’t just sit in your own media bubble or your own echo chamber and think you have a bigger picture to offer others, especially those of us who have made our lives to educate and support our youth.

Erik Edmunds


The writer is a teacher at Proctor.

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