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¶ Rubio and Scott: “Stop finalizing the redistribution”

My name is Shirley and I have lived in Florida all my life. I was absolutely appalled at the boastful and arrogant propensity to cheat in the face to win shenanigans at work to keep some of us the people from voting. We know you are cheating and you know you are cheating. It’s like my mother used to say, if you lie you will steal, and if you steal you will kill. Unfortunately, we have seen lying, stealing and killing. What are you afraid of? You may even have the wrong votes !!

Senators Rubio and Scott, vote yes to pass the free vote law and stop struggling with redistributing the voting lines in constituencies. Moreover, what must die and be buried is the use of obstruction that prevents debate on proposed legislation for a yes or no vote.

Shirley Bryant, West Palm Beach

¶ “Thank you for enlightening”

I meant to say that I thought your reporting on the Orlando airport salary issue was fantastic. busiest trip in MCO ”, 24 November). I have never commented or emailed an organization on anything that I have read, but just wanted to let you know that this was an informative article. Thank you for shedding light on a problem of this magnitude.

– Mario A. Torres, Palm Coast

Aberrant assumptions of airlines

These days, it’s nearly impossible to make a plane reservation over the phone, unless you take a trip straight to the airport (and of course, that’s for those with vehicles). If you have to take an Uber, it can cost over $ 100 (round trip). For those with cars, the cost to get to the airport in either direction could be around $ 50, including parking. To imagine!

The airline industries assume everyone has computer skills, everyone has credit cards, everyone knows English. It is an aberrant assumption! What about immigrants with no English reading skills, no computer skills, no credit cards, no transportation and disabled, what are they supposed to do if they have to travel and visit loved ones abroad ?

Have these airline executives ever thought about it? Of course not! What happens to customer service, business ethics, societal courtesy or know-how?

– Eli Fleurant, Lake Mary

¶ Critical Race Theory: “Will it ever be painful? Sure “

I am writing this letter to highlight a real event that illustrates why Critical Race Theory should be a part of our education system.

In 2014, I attended an event in Southern California that brought underprivileged downtown youth to the beach for a day of water sports. This was my first time attending this annual event, and I was delighted to be there along with probably around 200 other volunteers. My role was to supervise and supervise a participant.

I was in a relationship with an African-American boy of about 10 years old. I myself am African American. While most of the other young people seemed to bond with their mentor quickly, the young man assigned to me was aloof and sought to avoid me during activities. After about an hour, I asked her if something was wrong. He looked at me and said, “My mom told me black men are not good. It was like a dagger, and for a while I didn’t know how to react.

When I asked him why he thought black men were no good, he told me that black men did not support their communities – that all he sees on TV are men. black men getting arrested – that all the stories he heard in school about black men were how poor they were compared to white men.

Apparently he hadn’t heard of any of the black inventors, many of whom had never made money from their inventions because they were prohibited from obtaining patents. I also told him about the Atlanta race riots of 1906, the Elaine massacre, the Rosewood massacre, the Black Wall Street / Tulsa massacre. I explained to him how the federal government sanctioned the construction of their road network through black neighborhoods, wiping out the wealth, opportunity and opportunity to make money in their neighborhoods. I explained to him how national real estate developers, the federal government, and federal banks colluded to create a red line, preventing black Americans from getting loans so they could move to better neighborhoods and create life. richness.

I also told him about the role and sacrifices of thousands of courageous whites who gave their money and their lives to make the country a better place for all Americans. I taught him that all white people – not even more white people – were racists, and that skin color was the last thing he should look at in a person. Ultimately, his perception of who he was changed from despair and failure to pride and hope. It was the best part of the event.

Today I hear parents say that critical race theory makes their children feel bad. Well, there are a lot of things that will make kids feel bad as they grow and develop. This is called life. Find the courage to teach them the truth. You are your child’s first teacher – teach. I did this with a young man who felt bad for being black, and he wasn’t even my child. It was not his fault that the founders of this country used their White Privilege Card of 1776 to systematically and “legally” destroy the freedoms of Indians, Mexicans, African Americans and the many immigrants who came to our country. ribs over time.

This great country has the opportunity to use education and history to unite its citizens. Will it sometimes be painful? Of course. Is it necessary? It is required!

– Douglas Hall, Orlando

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