Parents’ group says Hart Board masks are “child abuse”

On the same day, a letter was sent to them claiming that the masks and vaccines lead to “child abuse” and discrimination, members of the William S. Hart Union High School District Board of Directors heard a group of parents on Wednesday evening criticize the district’s adherence to public health. state orders.

Many parents in attendance echoed the same sentiments as a letter sent to the district ahead of Wednesday’s board meeting, objecting to the district’s adherence to public health policies, such as masks and future dressing. implementing mandatory vaccinations – although the district has yet to codify its own policy regarding mandatory vaccine ordering.

The letter – copies of which were sent by several parents, according to sources familiar with the matter – alleges that compliance with the mask and the district’s health policy leads to “discrimination, harassment and abuse of children.”

The letter threatens possible civil action against the district if administrators are unable to provide “reliable scientific data that has been properly verified” to support health policies.

The letter says that if the district cannot do so, it must immediately cease implementing its health policies which are “illegally discriminatory”.

The Centers for Disease Control, along with state, local, and academic health institutions, have said vaccines and masks are two of the main ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its harmful effects.

“Vaccination is the primary public health prevention strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic,” the CDC’s website read. He later adds: “When teachers, staff and students consistently and correctly wear a mask, they are protecting themselves as well as others.”

Hart District officials have consistently stated, throughout the pandemic, that they must continue to adhere to county and state public health guidelines.

In front of the gallery of other members of the community, parents supported their belief – as stated in the letter – that masks and vaccines interfere with “a student’s right to participate fully in the educational process without discrimination or harassment. “.

Parents at the in-person meeting also argued that the masks were harmful to the students.

“Wearing face masks mechanically restricts breathing, gas concentrations are dramatically altered when breathing occurs through face masks,” parent Santa Rivera said, citing a study published by Med Hypotheses in November 2020. ” toxic components… are repeatedly rebreathed into the body, causing self-contamination.

The study cited by Rivera was from Baruch Vainshelboim, and has since been withdrawn by the medical journal that originally published it, citing that it “misquotes and selectively cites published articles” and that Vainshelboim said that ‘he was currently affiliated with Stanford University, which confirmed that Vainshelboim ended his relationship with her in 2016.

The letter said the masks contributed to “psychological torture” and “humiliation,” and said the warrant “punishes bullying by school staff and other students for whom the masks interfere with. breathing to such an extent that they interfere with effective access to district education services. to live.”

He also indicates that the warrants harm “students who oppose masks / face covers” because they are “restraint techniques that obstruct a student’s airways”.

“Please take a stand with us and fight for the children,” said parent Yasemin Tekelj, “It’s your guys’ job, you wanted this job. I’ll be there in two weeks, I will still be there for the next meeting, and all meetings until I see a change.

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