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Proclamaion, Columbus Day is Back
• WHEREAS, Christopher Columbus, an Italian man who is known to have sailed the
ocean blue and the purpose for his voyages was to ind a passage to Asia by sailing
• WHEREAS, Columbus’ voyage to the Americas opened the door to pioneers as well as
inspiring a new era of exploraion of the American coninents by Europeans. Perhaps
his greatest contribuion was that his voyages opened an exchange of goods between
Europe and the Americas both during and long ater his journeys.
• WHEREAS, Parents Against Criical Theory (PACT) recognizes that Indigenous tribes
weren’t living in harmony before his arrival—contrary to popular percepion today—
and they wouldn’t have had the country to themselves for long in any case. There’s no
reason to believe that they would have been beter of if Chinese or Arab explorers,
for example, had setled here irst instead of Europeans.
• WHEREAS, as a community that values equality, history, and is truly colorblind,
Loudoun County Public Schools should pivot from their ridiculous decision to replace
“Columbus Day” with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”
• WHEREAS, our students and community deserve a more honest observance on this
day, accompanied with teaching, that refrains from creaing a false narraive wrapped
in a diversity, inclusiveness, and equity safe blanket
CONFIRMED, that tearing down statues of Columbus and replacing Columbus Day with
Indigenous Peoples’ Day—as several states and hundreds of municipaliies have done—
won’t save lives, black or otherwise.
NOW, THEREFORE, we, Parents Against Criical Theory (PACT), do hereby proclaim Monday,
October 11, 2021, as Columbus Day for Loudoun County Public Schools. Furthermore, we
strongly encourage community members, businesses, public and private organizaions, and
other community partners to REJECT Superintendent Scot Ziegler’s false narraive that LCPS
is NOT teaching Criical Race Theory. Mr. Ziegler provides plaitudes, whereas Parents
Against Criical Theory (PACT) has provided evidence that Mr. Ziegler’s claims are simply not
true and extremely misleading.

Happy Columbus Day Loudoun!
PAID for and Authorized by Scott Mineo, Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT)

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