Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Restricting Critical Race Theory Teaching in Schools

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WHO: First variant of coronavirus detected in India is of global concern

The World Health Organization announced on Monday that B.1.617, the variant of the coronavirus first identified in India, is of global concern. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead for the coronavirus response, said there is “information available suggesting increased transmissibility of B.1.617”, and more research is needed to determine whether COVID-19 vaccines are also effective against this variant. There are three other variants of global concern: the strains first detected in Britain, South Africa and Brazil. B.1.617 was first detected in India in October. The country is currently experiencing a devastating outbreak of COVID-19, with hundreds of thousands of new cases reported every day. India recorded 4,187 deaths on Saturday – the highest daily toll since the start of the pandemic. Many believe the actual number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths is much higher than what has been reported. Archaeologists find ‘extraordinary’ Neanderthal remains in Italian cave

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