Oddities & Curiosities Exhibition Comes to Albuquerque

More than 150 vendors participate in “The Oddities & Curiosities Expo”. (Courtesy of Michelle Cozzaglio)

It’s been nearly a decade since Michelle Cozzaglio and her husband Tony wanted to bring offbeat events to the masses.

The duo is behind “The Oddities & Curiosities Expo,” which returns to Albuquerque on Saturday, March 5 at Expo New Mexico.

The festival took place in Albuquerque in March 2020, days before the world shut down.

“It was an intense period, says Michelle Cozzaglio. “We’re enjoying our return to the road and putting on the show.”

The exhibition features various types of unusual and eclectic vendors, merchants, artists and small businesses, showcasing items such as taxidermy, Halloween and horror inspired artwork, sculptures, jewelry, antiques strange and handcrafted oddities like beautifully framed butterflies and unusual insects.

Many vendors offer impressive and interactive displays. All merchandise and collectibles are available for purchase.

Dark themed art is available at “The Oddities & Curiosities Expo”. (Courtesy of Michelle Cozzaglio)

Cozzaglio says there are more than 150 vendors from across the country attending this year’s show.

“We feel like we’re close to a normal show again,” she says. “Last year, the cities we went to, we had limited capacity. This year we are following all guidelines and want visitors to feel safe. We still strongly recommend that everyone wear a mask because we will be grouped together. »

Cozzaglio is amazed at how quickly the show has grown over the years.

She is always thrilled to see the range of demographics the exhibit attracts.

“We always wanted to have something for everyone,” she says. “All of our vendors are mixed together so visitors have the chance to see it all.”

In addition to attending and purchasing some of the items for sale, guests have the option of seeing “The World’s Greatest Traveling Monster Show” for an additional $5 for adults in advance, $7 per day.

Cozzaglio says humans are often drawn to the weird, the odd, and the unusual.

“We’ve gotten used to the physical makeup that most animals are born in, but sometimes Mother Nature throws a curveball and creates mystery,” she says. “This show is not only entertaining, but educational. This is a passing stand with no specific entry times. It is very tasteful and appropriate for all ages.”

For those intrigued by taxidermy, there will be a “Two-Headed Duckling Taxidermy Class” which costs $235 per person. The class will be led by Heather Clark from Sleeping Sirens.

Cozzaglio says guests will build a two-headed dodge mount from scratch.

“Nothing was killed off for the sake of the class or the exhibit,” she says. “We want to create a weird, but fun time for everyone.”

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