New business leadership expert book, HOPE for Leaders in the 2020s, launches today

Dr. Hope Zoeller and Dr. Joe DeSensi co-author the second volume of their HOPE for Leaders series

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – March 16, 2022 – (

Finding hope in times of uncertainty is never easy, but Dr. Hope Zoeller and Dr. Joe DeSensi believe it is possible. The two leadership experts have teamed up to co-author a new guide on navigating tough times in HOPE for leaders in the 2020s: new problems to face, new problems to solve, new hope for the future.

The past two years have forced everyone, including professionals, to change their expectations and approaches to business. It’s no secret that organizations of all kinds are dealing with the realities of a world forever changed by the lessons, traumas, innovations and culture shifts of the era we have just survived. Many wonder, “what now?”

“When we began writing the second volume in this series, we had no idea how relevant and necessary the tools on these pages are for modern leaders seeking to navigate the uncertainty of today’s world. today,” said co-author Dr. Hope Zoeller. of HOPE for leaders in the 2020s. “This book takes readers from aspiration to action. We want to dedicate it to the teams we have worked with over the years.

Many of the answers to the most pressing new questions facing modern leaders can be found in the pages of HOPE for leaders in the 2020s. The book challenges its readers to open their minds to the possibility of developing and adapting their leadership skills for a new era and for a workforce with newly articulated needs, by delving into stories, advice , frameworks and practical exercises from a book that was written for this decade and beyond. HOPE for leaders in the 2020s offers new ways of thinking about and solving contemporary business problems, including leadership mindsets, project management, organizational culture, and workplace communications.

Dr. Hope Zoeller is Founder and President of HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC, a company specializing in facilitating the success of leaders at all levels of an organization. She is also a professor at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, in charge of the master’s program in corporate communication. She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Education from Spalding, a Masters of Education in Training and Development from the University of Louisville, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology from Bellarmine University.

Dr. Joe DeSensi holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Education with a focus on technology management from Spalding University, a graduate degree in Computer Resource Management from Webster University, and a undergraduate from Bellarmine University. Dr. DeSensi has worked with Fortune 100 companies and federal and local government and launched several ventures, including his educational consulting firm Educational Directions.

HOPE for leaders in the 2020s can be purchased in paperback on Amazon. To learn more about the HOPE for Leaders book series, visit

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New business leadership expert book, HOPE for Leaders in the 2020s, launches today

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