National Loon Center Gets Floating Class Grant

The giveaway was celebrated at an open house at The Nest in Crosslake Town Square on August 20. An additional grant of $ 4,000 from the Land & Waters Preservation Trust enables the National Loon Center to purchase water testing equipment, sample kits, and safety and mooring equipment for the floating classroom.

The National Loon Center has acquired a 31-foot newt boat that will serve as a vessel to conduct floating-class programs. Recognizing the value of Crosslake Ideal Lions Club’s commitment, the boat will include a branding that celebrates the partnership, serving as a lasting reminder of the strength of this community project.

This 31-foot newt boat, which will feature the Crosslake Ideal Lions Club and NLC brand, will take people out on the water for diving and freshwater conservation lessons. Funds for the boat were disbursed in September 2021. Contribution / National Loon Center

The idea of ​​a floating classroom was raised in community sessions years ago, and the concept was refined and developed by the Northern Lakes Initiative Work Group, a program committee of the National Loon Center.

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The boat will provide visitors with the opportunity to view loons from a respectful distance in their summer habitat and learn how citizens can help protect loons habitat and freshwater ecosystems.

With the help of graduate students from the University of Minnesota, the Northern Lakes Initiative developed a program for a two-hour educational program on the lake. The program was tested this summer during the “Loon Lab” courses organized by the Gull Lake Sailing School in Gull Lake.

This is a major milestone in the development of the National Loon Center and its National Freshwater Institute which was proposed in open community meetings in 2016 and approved by the Minnesota design team. Based on this concept, the National Loon Center has received strong local, regional, state and national support.

From 2022, educational outings will be offered regularly and should last two hours on the lake. Floating classroom courses will be made available to the public with an emphasis on practical science. Onboard guides will share information on the physical and behavioral characteristics of the loon, as well as shoreline management, watershed conservation and water quality monitoring.

Classes will be interactive, emphasizing the importance of protecting the water quality of the lakes, which is essential to the health and survival of loons.

Crosslake’s National Loon Center Foundation aims to restore and protect loons’ breeding habitats, enhance responsible recreation, and serve as a national leader in advancing loons and loon research and education. fresh water.

The world-class National Loon Center facility, slated to open to the public in Spring 2024, will be an interactive, family-friendly educational destination that turns visitors into champions of loons and freshwater all over the world.

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