My Hero Academia finally confirms the dark side of Deku’s philosophy

Deku’s willingness to push himself beyond his physical limits has long been described as admirable, but now a hero suffers from it.

Warning! Contains major spoilers for my hero academia Chapter 362!

manga my hero academia has a main character who has very destructive opinions, and now the show is finally showing the consequences of his philosophy. This comes a little late, as Deku hasn’t needed to rely on this philosophy for quite some time. And what makes matters worse is that the character who suffers these consequences isn’t even Deku himself.

Deku us a unique character in my hero academia whose philosophy and approach to using his powers is very unique. Originally born with no superpowers or Quirks, Deku eventually met the hero All Might who was able to pass on his extremely powerful Quirk to Deku. All Might then took him on as a protege, a potentially ironic twist of fate given that his enemy All For One could have caused Deku’s weirdness. Always unused to his powers, Deku often took them too far, breaking parts of his body in the process. Although he received scars and was repeatedly warned that this technique could eventually cause him permanent damage, he never really suffered any lasting consequences. But now another hero suffers those consequences instead.


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In Chapter 362, fan-favorite hero Bakugo re-enters the battle against the incredibly powerful Shigaraki. He has already pushed his limits and suffered serious injuries, but that does not stop him. As he fights, he wonders if this is how Deku felt when he was constantly pushing his body to its breaking point. As Deku’s main rival over the course of the series, it’s a very emotional moment that shows how their relationship pushed Bakugo to become a hero. Unfortunately, overuse of a powerful new attack causes his explosive power to backfire on his body, culminating in his heart exploding, seemingly killing him.

Bakugo follows Deku's lead.

Bakugo’s death here shows the dark consequences of Deku’s actions. Yes, seeing him go beyond his limits was inspiring, because it showed his incredible determination. But by taking this course, he inspired other heroes to follow in his footsteps, regardless of their own well-being, just like him. And while Deku may have plot armor that prevents him from taking serious damage for too long, other characters aren’t so lucky. Thus, Deku propagates a philosophy that likely causes his fellow heroes to die in battle against powerful enemies, weakening hero society as a whole.

Of course, Bakugo may not actually be dead, as in many American superhero comics that series writer Kohei Horikoshi is a fan of, death is often not permanent. And the manga itself is also no stranger to the resurrection of seemingly dead characters. But even if Bakugo himself is not dead, this battle still shows how Dekuis the philosophy of and how it can grow my hero academiathe heroes from inadvertently committing suicide for their ideals.

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my hero academia Chapter 362 will be released on August 7 on the Shonen Jump app.

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