More than the song, I loved its philosophy – Udit Narayan

MUMBAI: “We needed a great voice to justify this song. The first name that came to mind was Udit ji. At first we thought it would be a challenge because he is a seasoned singer. We trusted our song and it worked. said lyricist Anant, sharing his experience. “Udit ji was very impressed with the song when he heard the lyrics. He is naive and he lives according to the same philosophy. He was immediately convinced of the idea. I have to say that he not only imbibed but also lived the basic idea of ​​the song before we even started recording it, ”adds Anant.

“Simple liye to the philosophy of jeevan ki hai… Maza aa gaya!” These are the words that came directly from Udit Narayan when asked about his feelings about the song he sang for the movie Itwaar. It is a song that will heal souls and give renewed energy to move forward in life. An energetic and upbeat number delivered by the voice of enigmatic singer Udit Narayan has a message that everyone will identify with, especially in the dark times we live in today.

Music composer Shantanu Sudame couldn’t hide the gleam of happiness in his eyes when asked about the song and added, “I was just a participant in Indian Idol when I first met for the song. first time Udit ji as a hardcore fan and feel blessed to share the song composed by me and sung by the veteran.
Shantanu added, “Udit ji, didn’t change a single note and it was his magnanimity that he took my suggestions to sing the song as I had envisioned.

Anant and Shatanu as a team worked on several other projects but this song turned out to be a milestone for them and they thanked director Rahul Srivastava for including them in this journey. Anant explains the director’s memoir: “Rahul asked for a daily mantra from the life of a modern day Kabir, the holy philosophy behind the song should emphasize that a positive mindset will open up new perspectives that can be resolved. to the problems of life. “

Itwaar is a story that revolves around the protagonist Anubhav Verma played by Kumud Mishra, a middle-aged professional who is forced to relocate to support his only son’s studies. He gets annoyed with bad news that has a domino effect on his entire day, and one after another he finds himself surrounded by negativity in everything he does. He fails to recognize the fact that the world remains unchanged, but it is the negativity in his mind that takes care of everything, thus failing him to find the simplest solution to the world’s problems.

The film received international acclaim at the 18th Florence RiverToRiver Indian Film Festival in Italy. It received the Special Jury Prize at the 16th Kalpanirjhar International Fiction Short Film Festival 2018 and at the Filmingo International Short Film Festival 2018. The film was an official selection at the 2019 Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, at the 9th Festival from the 2018 Jagran movie and many more.

Written and directed by Rahul Srivastava, Itwaar stars Kumud Mishra, Harshit Sidhwani and Lubna Salim in key roles. The film is currently streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

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