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MANITOWOC, Wisconsin (WFRV) – A controversial Manitowoc school board meeting began with a “Stop the Hate” protest organized by MLK Day Manitowoc and other community organizers.

Ryan Pfeifer, an MLK Day Manitowoc organizer, said, “So we’re here today to say that there are a lot of people in Manitowoc County who are wonderful people who believe in public education and we are here to uplift our community today and we will have diverse representation here.

This Manitowoc School Board meeting drew many protesters who said they believe in teaching accurate history.

Aaron Bailey, another MLK Day Manitowoc organizer, said: “Critical Race Theory in its purest form is really what MLK stood for, it’s just on two levels: jobs, welfare. , schools is just teaching and understanding how we have been divided and how we can become one, how we can grow together.

Members of the public questioned the board about the purpose of the Derute Consulting Co-op within the school district.

A community member said: “External consultants are brought in to relate to an element of critical breed theory. “

Concerned Citizens of Manitowoc, a loosely formed self-proclaimed group, said it challenged the concept of critical race theory and stopping manifestations of hate.

Gene Weyer, Concerned Citizens of Manitowoc member, said: “We love our community, the group over there looks like something different. We are here for excellence in education. We are all there to make sure schools are running smoothly. We want schools to resume standard courses. We want them to take a look at traditional things. Mathematics, science, English.

The school board also discussed COVID-19 precautions for the next school year and made no decision.

The Manitowoc School District says they don’t teach Critical Race Theory and have no plans to change the curriculum this year.

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