Local entrepreneurs team up to launch Precious Piñata children’s education program

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An educational program designed by a Chatham woman to help children cope with life challenges such as mental health, racism and bullying, now has a much-needed retail presence at the Chatham Giant Tiger store.

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“It’s like a catalyst to bring it out into the community,” said Charlene Renaud, creator of Precious Piñata.

The program includes a plush toy, named Precious Piñata, which includes seven colorful balls that represent the different types of “stuffing” people have from their life experiences, as well as a guide to help children understand the events of. daily life.

Renaud, a professional speaker and retired police officer, initially launched Precious Piñata in late 2018, but noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had stalled the project.

She added that she was very lucky that Mark Lush, owner of the Chatham Giant Tiger store franchise, liked the concept and was willing to work with her.

Renaud made a presentation at Giant Tiger Headquarters in Ottawa on Precious Piñata, which was well received and given the green light to sell it in the Chatham store.

When asked if he had provided this kind of help to other local entrepreneurs, Lush replied, “Not to this degree.

“We support the local as much as possible,” he added.

Lush said Renaud has done a great job following the regulations necessary to sell a product in stores, such as keeping it safe.

“For me, it’s just a great program for young people,” he said.

Lush said Giant Tiger Headquarters are happy with the program and want to make sure it can gain a foothold before moving forward.

“If we can get things done, we would love to do it,” he said. “If I can be a small part of the success of Precious Piñata, why not?

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Renaud said, “It only takes one person to believe” in the support she received from Lush.

“If it grows from here, hopefully we can get it into more Giant Tiger stores,” she added.

Fairly Pumfrey bought a Precious Piñata on Saturday for her five-year-old son Jasper, noting that she liked the fact that she deals with topics such as bullying.

“We want to support what they are doing, locally, because it is for children and children are so important,” she said.

Renaud said Precious Piñata, which includes the plush and guide, is priced at $ 39.95.

“Mental illness, bullying, racism and abuse are negative childhood experiences that can be avoided through early childhood education and transparency,” she said.

“Children need to know how experiences affect them and others in healthy or unhealthy ways,” she added. “That’s why I designed Precious Piñata. It is better to prevent than to repair people who are broken.

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