Time Home Loans welcomes a new meeting

Queensland-based brokerage firm Time Home Loans has appointed Tim Amourous, broker and former Loan Market Director, to its management team.

Brisbane-based brokerage firm Time Home Loans has appointed Tim Amourous as its broker and member of its management team.

Mr. Amourous, who has a background in banking as well as brokerage (having previously held leadership roles for the sales teams at NAB and Advantedge as well as being Director of State for Aussie and most recently Loan Market), made the movement to become a loan writer himself earlier this year.

He now joins Time Home Loans as a broker and “to be part of the management team of Time Home Loans,” according to Time Home Loans managing director Ruan Burger.

Speaking to the advisor, Mr Burger revealed that he had followed Mr Amourous’ career with interest after meeting him two years ago and – once he started his own mortgage business plus early this year – “the alliance grew stronger and [their] the conversations were going a lot in the same direction with the same visions in mind ”.

“We both love this industry and we both love our employees and our chosen family and, [because of] that was an easy conversation, ”said Mr Burger, adding that he was“ so happy that this has come to pass ”.

Welcoming Mr. Amourous to the team on Monday, May 25, Mr. Burger said he would be part of Time Mortgage 24-hour loan management team in addition to being a loan writer, adding that the new appointee “Would bring a lot to [the] team with respect for leadership, growth and culture ”.

“He will also help with recruiting, as he has extensive experience in this area and is highly respected within the industry,” Burger told The Adviser.

He concluded, “This is a great time for Time Home Loans. We believe our business is now in a growth phase and we look forward, with the addition of Tim, to seizing this opportunity and strategy to build on our growth, culture and vision.

Speaking about his new role, Mr. Amourous told the Advisor, “Joining Time and Ruan’s team was about building on our collective experience and taking it to the next level.

“It is clear that the future will require brokers to offer a full range of financial service offerings and, more than ever, a successful brokerage business will need to provide structure and support for new brokers to grow and prosper,” did he declare.

“I can’t wait to break new records in 2020!”

As a Time Home Loans broker, Mr. Amourous joined AFG.

Taking note of this appointment, Chris Slater, AFG’s Head of Sales and Distribution, said: “We have known Tim for a long time and he is one of the true gentlemen in our industry, so we are obviously delighted that he is. be part of the AFG community. .

“He joins Time Home Loans with a solid background in finance and we believe that together Tim and Ruan will be a great team and continue to add real strength to the brokerage industry.”

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Time Home Loans welcomes a new meeting

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Updated: July 15, 2020

Posted: May 26, 2020

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Written by Annie kane

Updated: July 15, 2020

Posted: May 26, 2020

Annie kane

Annie kane

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