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Climate change deniers

should face reality

Can we slow (or stop) or reverse global warming? Yes, but we cannot stop global warming overnight or even in the next ten or twenty years, given the amount of excess heat stored in the oceans and the man-made CO2 already in the atmosphere. and created by burning fossil fuels.

The recent near-hellish heat wave temperatures in the western United States bode ill for our warmer world. Suffering and heat stress should be a harbinger for all of us. According to scientific studies, humans are unable to tolerate temperatures of 95 ° F when combined with 100% humidity. The argument can be made that reducing greenhouse gases has literally become a matter of life and death, according to the NOAA report that this June was the hottest June ever. checked in.

So where (and how) can we draw optimistic hope for the future? I would say we could advocate with our elected officials to phase out any new fossil fuel projects, stop the giveaways, and free ourselves from this industry once and for all while we still have a chance. There is also hope in the youth-led activism that advocates for forward-thinking policies such as a “Green New Deal” and a new CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), both essential before more. no time is wasted. Let us all join the young people and remind our politicians that climate denial is a foolish position to take given the current reality and landscape.


Johnson Town

Running lessons shouldn’t be in the classroom

I think people who use the term privileged white don’t really get it! This sentence would only apply to about 5% of the population. I think there are more like me who were raised by a parent and had to struggle just to get the basics of life.

Our father left when we were 5 and our mother had to raise four young boys on her own in rural Arkansas. She worked as a waitress at a bus station (when bus stations had restaurants) and the four of us boys went out of our way to help.

I’m sure there are a lot of stories like mine, not just white people, but of all colors and ethnicities. The majority of whites are not privileged whites. Researchers at CRT or diversity training have not done enough research! Randi Weingarten said the reason people oppose CRT training or diversity is because they don’t want to know the truth. I don’t mean to say she’s wrong, but she might just feel guilty for being one of the privileged whites!

The CRT / diversity course is offensive! You cannot categorize an entire race, color, or ethnicity in one word. Children do not have a choice of ethnicity or the color they are born in! So why teach them to feel guilty about something over which they have no control? Just look on YouTube and see how many parents are against this program.

Children are not born racist or biased! They learn it at school and at home! May schools resume teaching subjects that will help them progress in life! Instead, teach acceptance and respect for all mankind! Of course, there is no real cure for racism until all people agree that the rainbow of life is more beautiful with all its colors!


Johnson Town

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