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Letter: Where is the leadership?

Posted at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, September 30, 2022

I’m frustrated! President Trump seems like a one-man team to cheer on the next generation of Republican candidates. Republican Party leaders are MIA providing no leadership. I’m sick of half-hearted defenses and excuses. I want offense! The “Old Guard GOP” must join Trump in “making America great again” or get out of the way. Accompanying policies must stop!

We need a new “contract with American!” Include the following:

Reject the “New Green Deal”. Accept the fact that as mere mortals we can never control the climate. The climate is constantly changing and Democrats and liberal scientists have been promoting this scam and getting rich for over 50 years.

Open the oil taps. Just committing to it will lower fuel prices and slow inflation. America should be one of the main oil exporters. Solar and wind power can supplement, but cannot be considered our main source of electrical energy.

Close the border! America is invaded by an alien entity. Whether Mobilize the National Guard!

Stop the flow of illicit drugs into this country! Forcing Mexico to manage its drugs cartels. Volunteer to send special forces if needed. If Mexico refuses to act, impose severe economic sanctions. Same with China which provides the key ingredients for the manufacture of illicit drugs.

Reduction of taxes, in particular corporate tax. Make the public aware of the fact that cooperatives do not pay taxes. Corporate taxes are a hidden tax on the consumer. Lowering corporate taxes will revitalize American industry and bring industry back to this country, creating jobs. More jobs equals more taxes collected. Build the competitive “Made in America” ​​brand in the global market again.

Bring critical industries back to America. We cannot allow China to control flow of products vital to the survival of this country. It’s critical!

Actively resist the Woke, Critical Race Theory and White Supremacy movement in our schools, government, military and businesses. These policies divide and only subvert racism.

Face the growing wave of crime that is destroying our cities. If riots develop, deal with them harshly, as they are led by radical extremists who are nothing more than domestic terrorists engaged in an insurgency.

Fire all senior military officers who endorse critical race theory and white supremacy policies. The purpose of the military is to protect the country, not to cater to the milquetoast feelings of weak recruits. The the goal is to turn boys into men. Strengthen our military so that countries with expansionist visions hesitate to act.

Reaffirm that America is a Christian nation, but tolerant of all religions. Support school choice.

Reaffirm Title IX! Do not allow anyone with male DNA to compete in female sports or use female-only washrooms or showers.

Make it criminally illegal to provide drugs or surgery anyone under the age of 18.

American citizens want action.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea

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