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A recent letter in the Manchester Journal illustrated a fabricated hysteria typical of the Right. Its title, “To Teach or Not to Teach Critical Race Theory,” seemed to promise a semblance of a balanced discussion. Instead, it was another fear-mongering distortion produced by the GOP’s spinning machine to instill fear and confusion, while pretending to defend itself against what it really creates: racial division. The opening statement: “It is essential that parents know and understand the program that has infiltrated our schools! “- is both inflammatory and inaccurate: Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not at all a” curriculum “.

Presenting CRT as a hostile program to shame and humiliate white children is so far-fetched that it’s hard to believe it arouses any interest. Yet here we are.

Rooted in the 1970s, the CRT is simply an educational framework for examining the role of laws in perpetuating and, potentially, dismantling racial inequalities. He analyzes how inherent prejudices have shaped public policy, from redlining to police assassinations.

Systemic racism is real. Stifling discussion of it with paranoid propaganda prevents us from seeing the real America, not the fantasy version in which Martin Luther King corrected racism, and Frederick Douglass is renamed Horatio Alger rather than the revolutionary he was forced to be. .

The inflammatory rhetoric about the CRT has produced reactionary and dangerous legislation across the country, often worded so vaguely that it will deprive students of the opportunity to discuss documented history and decide for themselves what to do with it. America should be.

Robin Vaughan Kolderie

Hoosick, New York

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