Letter to the Editor | Jason Glass is the right choice for Iowa City Council

Jason Glass will bring a larger representation to Iowa City.

On or before November 2, we will have the opportunity to vote for the candidates for the Iowa City Council. Before going to the polls, we ask that you consider whether our community is best served by seven board members who represent the same political demographics, or by a board that more closely reflects our people. If you think a larger representation serves Iowa City better, we encourage you to consider supporting Jason Glass.

Jason is a human resources professional, a faculty member at the University of Iowa, an active musician in the arts, and a member of the Iowa National Guard for 27 years. He is the father of one child in Regina and one in City High.

Jason has been publicly recognized as a thoughtful communicator on the difficult issues facing our community. He is a non-partisan centrist who will focus on growth, security and sustainability. But don’t underestimate his commitment to progressive values ​​and social justice.

As vice chairman of the Iowa City Commission on Human Rights, Jason was chosen as the lead author of the Commission’s statement supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout his professional life he has strived to reduce sexual harassment and illegal discrimination. As a member of the Iowa State Human Rights Council and through his positions in the National Guard, he has promoted diversity and inclusion.

Jason is an independent thinker of Iowa. Of course, he does not always share our political views. But when it comes to local government, he shares the governance philosophy we have developed during our years on council: if you take the job seriously, collaborate with city staff and consider the needs of all residents, you can improve the city you represent. Adhering to this philosophy will become even more important when Board member Susan Mims retires later this year.

We are fortunate to have quality candidates standing for this election. We submit this letter to encourage voters to take a close look at Jason Glass. We believe Iowa City would benefit from his independent and thoughtful perspective.

-Rick Dobyns, Former City Councilor, City of Iowa City and Matt Hayek, Former Mayor, City of Iowa City

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