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Racial criticism thory teaches kids to hate

Teaching a child to hate is abuse, regardless of the excuse for doing so. The child is injured for life. Hate must find an outlet: someone to hurt, something to destroy. Yet SB 5044, signed by Governor Jay Inslee last year, is accelerating racist teachings and beliefs that lead directly to the 2020 riots. This law adopts the concept of “anti-racism” from critical race theory, demanding that schools create little anti-racists.

“Anti-racism” is the very essence of racism in its ugliest form, as it reduces every human being to one minor characteristic: skin color. Light-skinned people are “oppressors” and darker-skinned people are “underdogs.” Reality is completely ignored. This leads to frustration, resentment, hatred and, for some, violence.

Those who hate are much more harmed than those who are the target of their hatred. And what about American society? What percentage of haters does it take before a society collapses? 5%? 20%? 36.75%? When we find out, it will be too late.

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Elect legal persons. Stop printing money

What is Inflation? Inflation is too much money for too few goods. Inflation is when you go to the grocery store with a bag full of money and you take all your purchases home in the same bag.

Throughout history, inflation ranks along with war, famine and pestilence as the greatest scourges of the human race.

Deficit spending is one of the main causes of inflation. We have been brought to the brink of bankruptcy by “legislate now, pay later” spending programs designed to buy as many votes as possible.

The theory that a nation can live perpetually on credit is both immoral and insane. The unchecked end result will inevitably be the erosion of the whole concept of limited government upon which our republic was founded and upon which our freedom depends.

How to stop inflation? Stop printing money.

Some think that the economic situation is complicated. It’s not. Only one ingredient is missing to solve it: honesty. If we elect to power moral persons instead of crooks and opportunists, the problem will disappear.

Russia mocks the UN

Emerging from the killing and destruction of World War II, Russia was one of the five allies who founded the United Nations. Their mission; “To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…”

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of a smaller, sovereign and peaceful Ukraine for the sole reason of reclaiming the “glory of empire” to satisfy his base renders the UN in its current form irrelevant.

If Russia, as a member of the powerful permanent security council, can pull off a political stunt like this, what’s to stop China, another member of the security council, from acting in Taiwan?

Japan was one of the four founding members of the League of Nations in 1919. Then, on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor arrived.

Five hellish years later, the insignificant League of Nations has been replaced by the UN. Different name, similar mission.

time to change

We’re on the brink of World War III and we can’t even handle the shoplifting crisis.

It’s time to change from top to bottom. November is coming soon.

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