LA Chargers need to learn something from the two former champions

The LA Chargers are one of the most exciting teams in the NFL heading into the 2021 season. Justin Herbert has taken the league by storm and with a new head coach and a strong offseason, the Chargers have plenty of potential to make noise.

Overall, the Chargers have done a very good job sailing through the offseason so far. While they’ve made all the right choices so far, there’s an impending scenario looming over the heads of the front office: potentially trading for the Julio Jones star.

I’ve made it clear before that I think it’s a no-brainer, because the Chargers would create the best receiving body in the NFL. Even though the team is outbid for Jones, there is still a philosophy they should follow if they are to be legitimate contenders.

A philosophy the last two Super Bowl champions – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs – both had.

What the LA Chargers can learn from the Chiefs and Buccaneers:

The logic is simple: surround Justin Herbert with as many weapons as possible, even if it gets to the point where it looks like they’re overdoing it. Of course, the salary cap is something that almost needs to be factored in, but shippers have plenty of room to make more additions.

This is why the team is able to add Jones and why they ultimately should. The goal should be to surround Herbert with as many weapons as possible and they have a legitimate chance of getting a future Hall of Famer that still produces at a high level. If the Chiefs or Bucs could do this, they would.

And that’s why shippers should do it.

It’s more than Jones, as mentioned. The team shouldn’t hesitate to provide more help throughout the year when other options become available, and they will. There will be a disgruntled running back or receiver released and chargers shouldn’t turn their noses.

Heck, Todd Gurley is still a free agent and at this point he’s probably going to be pretty cheap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the team signing someone like Gurley with an elite background to help the team in depth.

The Chiefs and Bucs have operated with this logic. The Chiefs brought in LeSean McCoy two seasons ago and Le’Veon Bell last season. And while neither has had a huge impact, having this depth and the potential of them having a big impact is worth it.

Tampa Bay is the perfect example. They traded to Rob Gronkowski when they didn’t even need a tight end and most people in the football world laughed at the decision. He caught two touchdowns. The other receiving touchdown went to Antonio Brown, another player the team signed to add to their wealth.

There was one more touchdown in this game and who did it belong to? Leonard Fournette, the running back who had a Pro Bowl year with Jacksonville, regressed and then broke in the playoffs for Tampa Bay and was outstanding.

And that’s why these moves are so huge for the competing teams. They may not show huge numbers in the regular season, but they’re another option in the playoffs and sometimes, like with Fournette, you win gold at the right time and get great contributions on someone you have. brought in for virtually nothing.

Jones is an extreme example of this, but it’s part of the philosophy. Get as much help as you can, especially when there are established players available at low prices.

The worst case scenario is that the LA Chargers get a veteran depth coin. The best of times is what we’ve seen with Tampa Bay.

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