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Clarkston School District Superintendent Thaynan Knowlton addressed concerns about critical breed theory in the program at Monday night’s board meeting.

Knowlton reported receiving several calls and emails from parents and community members asking if Washington Governor Jay Inslee was requiring staff to be trained in critical breed theory, or if children would receive it in their program. .

“The answer to both of these questions is no,” Knowlton said. “This term is not found in any literature or in the Governor’s language for announcements.”

Academic theory, which dominated the later stages of Idaho’s legislative session in 2021, is being used by a growing number of conservative Republicans across the country who are warning that students of all levels of education are being brainwashed into the schools.

In the final days of Washington’s legislative session, Inslee signed three bills demanding diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism education in public schools, colleges and kindergarten universities. in grade 12.

“There is mandatory training we need to do with staff on inclusion, belonging and diversity, but it doesn’t include anything like critical race theory,” Knowlton said. “I don’t know how this rumor started; it has never been a requirement.

To provide a bit of context, Knowlton discussed how Critical Race Theory analyzes U.S. law with respect to race, particularly with regard to incarceration rates for people of color.

“There is nothing insidious about it,” Knowlton said. “I’m not going to go into that, but it’s pretty straightforward.”

The board’s proposed budget plan for the upcoming school year was passed unanimously before its special hearing adjourned.

Vice President Meghan Pierce, who has served on Clarkston’s board of directors for more than eight years, received warm wishes for her resignation effective August 31.

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