Josh Allen expansion could be a mix of Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff deals, says NFL expert


When it comes to contract extensions for NFL quarterbacks, the offseason between years 3 and 4 is when teams tend to ink their promising young quarterbacks for a first big extension.

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, Houston’s Deshaun Watson, Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz and former Los Angeles Rams and current Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff all signed after their third year.

Bison Tickets strategist Josh Allen should be extended during this offseason. On the heels of an MVP-caliber performance in 2020, the contract numbers could be pretty big for the former 7th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

In a recent appearance on the Howard and Jeremy show on WGR Sports Radio 550 in Buffalo, editor-in-chief Michael Ginntti discussed Allen’s impending deal and explained why he thinks it could be a mix between this Mahomes signed in 2020 and what Goff signed a year before that.

“I actually think there could be a mix of Patrick Mahomes and a mix of Jared Goff in this Josh Allen contract, said Ginntti, who runs, one of the top salary cap resources in the NFL on the Web. “I think it could be a very long term contract. So if he has two years left, let’s add 5 or 6 more and make 2021 and 2022 roughly neutral so that the salary cap numbers on the first two years barely budge. Basically what Patrick Mahomes did in Kansas City.

Mahomes signed the richest deal in sports history when he agreed to a 10-year, $ 503 million extension with the Chiefs. Goff’s extension was four years and $ 134 million, but the way the deal was structured allowed the Rams to trade him last week to acquire former Detroit caller Matthew Stafford. The Mahomes and Goff deals put big bucks on the contract road to help the Chiefs and Rams build their roster without getting into a tough cap situation with quarterbacks still on their rookie deal window.

In the case of Allen – who Ginntti says will get even more money than Watson ($ 39 million per year), Goff ($ 33.5 million per year) or Wentz ($ 32 million per year) –The Bills are looking at around $ 41 million per season, which equates to about a $ 205 million five-year extension or a $ 246 million six-year extension.

“I’m actually very happy that this situation at Goff, Wentz is happening right now before Josh Allen’s contract, because there is a real discussion to be had about the structuring of these contracts,” said Ginntti. “Wentz’s contract is structured absolutely still, and as we just saw, Jared Goff was not.”

Wentz has just had a bad season for the Eagles and would like to move on of the team. The problem for him is that the team likely won’t recover enough in a deal after Wentz threw just 16 touchdowns, 15 interceptions on 57% of passes and a quarterback rating below 50 in 2020.

Allen was quite the opposite last season in terms of production. He broke eight passing records in a single season and finished with 46 total touchdowns and just 10 interceptions, achieving the no. Passing offense ranked 2 in the NFL.

Wentz is himself a former MVP contender before injuries and regression ruined the party in Philadelphia. Ginnetti said there’s a system for teams to avoid paying their young quarterback before his rookie contract ends, a fifth-year option and even a franchise tag or two.

“I’ve been hitting this drum for a while. Who will be the team that will not pay the quarterback at all, let alone sooner? That just takes out the contract and a few franchise labels and then hand it over to a new quarterback, ”he asked. “But what I keep coming back to, and why the bet is usually worth it: wouldn’t you want to bet on a 24-year-old more than a 27-year-old, based on guaranteed money and dollars?” I think that’s generally the way (GMs and teams) see it.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane spoke last week about Allen’s potential extension during the offseason. He reiterated that he didn’t like discussing the deals in the media, but on WGR he said it was possible, even with the expected pay cap reduction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think we can adapt something. Without going into the way we would, I think there are ways to adapt it, ”Beane said. “I can’t wait to be here very soon, hopefully in the next few weeks, to find out what this cap will be like. Or at least close to what it will be so that we can start looking at some of our free agents on hold. But there are ways to do it and we will certainly have to get creative depending on our current cap situation. But I really think it can be done.


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