JK Youth Forum Hosts One-Day “Sufism Philosophy” Conference at Budgam

Several people attended the “Sufism Philosophy” conference at Budgam Town Hall.

Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], June 26 (ANI): A one-day conference was organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum (JKYDF) on “Sufism Philosophy” at Budgam Town Hall on Saturday .

In an official statement, Dr Sajid Ahmad Wani praised JKYDF for promoting the literature of high value love and knowledge among the masses and for selecting Budgam for hosting such a prestigious conference on Sufiyat.

“Sufiyat has hundreds of years of roots in Kashmir and the time has come to rekindle this ideology of love and mutual brotherhood,” he said.

Dr Wani was very impressed with the Sufi content of the Sufi books of hundreds of authors and called them “true shining stars of Kashmir knowledge”.

He said that unfortunately over the past 70 years Sufi literature has been the biggest casualty and over 72 lakh pounds have been destroyed in a series of fires in various Khanqahs.

Seasoned journalists, Ajaz Ahmad, said Kashmiris have always set an example of community friendship and brotherhood, even in the worst of times, and the reasons are because they believe in Sufism.

“The pillar of tolerance and coexistence in Kashmir has been our Sufism. Unless Sufism regains its age-old glory, we cannot have a peaceful, tolerant and progressive society,” he said.

“Sufism is a path of spiritual advancement, an expansion of consciousness, leading to consciousness of self and of the universe. The substance of Sufism is the selfless experience and actualization of truth. The practice of Sufism leads to the development of innate spiritual and intuitive abilities, ”Ajaz added.

Speaking on the occasion, JKYDF founder Farooq Ganderbali said: “JKYDF plans to hold such conferences at every educational institution in the Kashmir Valley in the coming months.”

The event in Budgam was joined by Dr Mohd Yaqoob Khan, former director of Dr Rasheed, Abdul Ahad Yatoo, Naseer Ahmad, Riyaz Fazili, DDC members from the district, among others. (ANI)

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